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The fact that Norway's maximum penalty for any crime is 21 years in prison is facing rising criticism in the wake of the twin attacks that killed 93 76 people, with many deeming the penalty too lax. <Source>

How very enlightened and progressive of this socialist country whose greatest threat is not terrorism, but socialist multiculturalism combined with political correctness.

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It is the natural propensity of politicians and pundits to rush before the media to exploit whatever tragedy occurs …

Norway's Terror Shock Citizens are reeling after a bombing shook the capital's center and a gunman opened fire on a camp, killing at least 92.

At least 92 people died in Norway's twin attacks—seven when a blast ripped through Oslo’s government headquarters, and 85 at a mass shooting at a nearby youth camp. Dozens more were hospitalized. Norway's Prime Minister said that, "Not since the Second World War has the country experienced such an atrocity.” <Source>

While we can all have sympathy for the victims, survivors and the family of those slain in a brutal, wanton and massacre …

We should remind ourselves that all of the legislation in the world – legislation which further erodes our freedoms, rights and privileges – could not have prevented this act.

There is no defense against a crazy person or a committed ideologue who is willing to sacrifice everything – including their own life – to carry out acts of terror. It is the cost of living in today’s society.

What I find appalling is that certain politicians, political parties and political factions are all gearing up to introduce even more legislation, rules and regulations – all based on the false premise that laws can stop both crazies and criminals.

The truth of the matter is that the issue will be exploited by self-serving people for their own benefit. And that “we the people” should resist nonsensical or ineffective laws based on any knee-jerk reaction to a crisis.

Aleady pro-Muslim groups are cranking up the rhetoric to exploit the fact that this was another Timothy McVeigh-type event -- a white middle-class non-Muslim. Further impetus to the Obama Administration and their engage-the-Muslims program to go after non-Muslim groups -- and make the country less safe.

"Anders Behring Breivik poses in a wetsuit with military gear for an online video. Raised in a middle-class suburb of Oslo, the 32-year-old businessman was a member of the Masonic lodge." And then there is the matter of a 1500-page manifesto and rants against Muslims.

Bottom line …

We must resist the type of insanity that allows the government to hire thousands of out-of-shape, ill-prepared, ill-screened unionized people to safeguard travelers – when experience has told us that this group may include illegal aliens with forged documents, criminals who steal from baggage and people have almost unfettered access to secure areas where they may do substantially more harm to travelers, our transportation infrastructure and our nation.

People who have failed so many times to detect test weapons and bombs that the failure rate is classified as a state secret.

“Transportation Security Administration screeners at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport missed more than 60% of bomb components which undercover agents attempted to smuggle through airport checkpoints, according to a classified report.  … screeners at Los Angeles International Airport failed to detect the bomb parts and fake explosives about 75 percent of the time … screeners at San Francisco, who work for a private contractor under a pilot program, missed only 20% during a recent round of red team testing by the Department of Homeland Security.” <Source>

Directed by administrators who are hyper-partisan political hacks or affirmative-action hires instead of true security professionals.

  • Secretary of Homeland Defense Nominee Bernard Kerik, ex- New York Police Commissioner – now serving four years for crimes he committed. <Source>
  • TSA Nominee, Earl Southers, ex-FBI agent who allegedly used Bureau resources illegally to violate the civil rights of his estranged wife and others. <Source>
  • TSA Nominee, Major General Robert Harding, whose nomination was withdrawn after allegations of improper payments by his firm in providing interrogators in Iraq. <Source>

We must resist those who demand we be politically correct by searching six-year olds and failing to search Muslims in ethnic dress.

We must resist those who demand that we take off our shoes because some religious crazy tried to ignite a shoe-bomb.

We must realize that we cannot easily protect against crazies and criminals who have no respect for the law – and that “feel good” Kabuki theatre by our elected officials ill-serves our best interests.

And we must resist relaxing our vigillance to shift the focus to groups which pose little stattistical threat to the United States. Common sense tells you that Muslims are still the world's number one exporter of terror and should receive priority. As for domestic terror of the non-Muslim militia style --perhaps their is an index that can be developed to track perceived government tyranny and oppression and used to increase surveilance of problematical groups.

Let us adopt Israeli-type security and actually harden our transportation infrastructure. Starting with the denial of foreign travelers at the point of departure and beefing up our passport/visa controls to track those who remain in the United States.

Illegal aliens could also be illegal alien terrorists. It is time for commonsense and the shunning of political hacks who are running for the cameras with nonsensical legislation to exploit the current tragedy.

But the real truth is there for everyone to see: you cannot anticipate, prepare for or prevent egregious acts by criminals or crazies if they are willing to sacrifice themselves for their twisted cause.

-- steve

P.S. The real outrage will be if this terrorist is not given the death penalty and allowed to live out his life in the relative comfort of a penal system designed by socialists who believe that everything can be blamed on society -- and that everyone has a degree of collective responsibilty and guilt for the actions of any member of the collective.

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