How do the democrats claim to have any moral or fiscal authority to discuss Social Security?

With all of the damage the democrats have done to our nation, one wonders how they can continue to fool their constituents into believing they are the party that represents the poor and disadvantaged.

One need only look at the nation’s inner cities to see that billions of dollars have been diverted by corrupt politicians to their special interest friends else there would be fewer housing, employment and social issues in these areas.

One need only to listen or watch as the current democrat administration abandons one minority class (Blacks) only to exploit another (Hispanic) for their self-serving advantage.

And on the subject of our social security, it might be helpful to know that it was the democrats that:

It was liberal democrat Lyndon Johnson and a democrat House and Senate who moved social security funds from their so-called designated “lockbox” or “trust” status and made them available to the general fund where they could be spent promoting the ideology of liberalism.

It was the democrats who demolished the income tax deduction for Social Security (FICA) withholdings.

It was democrat Al Gore’s tie-breaking vote that allowed the government to tax Social Security annuities.

And it was democrat Jimmy Carter and his fellow travelers who extended Social Security to immigrants who never paid into the system as citizens.

So how can the democrat party continue to demonize the republican party on fiscal issues … especially social security?

With no moral underpinning or core values, the democrats remain unembarrassed and unlikely to take action when they discover criminal activity and breaches of moral turpitude among their brethren.  In thee days of moral equivalency, political correctness and non-judgementalism, the democrats have little or no shame – and certainly no reservations about restricting our freedoms and raising our taxes.

One need only look at the corrupt and significantly delayed prosecutions of wayward democrats in the House ethics committee to understand that they are unlikely to do anything decent for their country. How else can you explain their actions in dealing with a racist attempting to use the governments power to help her husband’s financial affairs and a tax cheats slap-on-the-hand censure?

Bottom line …

As with all politicians who will say or do anything to gain or maintain power, the democrats cannot be trusted with governing our nation. They must be removed, along with their progressive RINO (Republican In Name Only) counterparts and replaced with constitutional conservatives.

This is no longer a fight for your political party, it is a struggle for the safety, security and continued freedom of America.

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