Obama's quiet victory: Senate subverts standing law to extend the role of the FBI Director


As we inched towards Sunday, the rhetoric surrounding the plans to solve the faux debt ceiling crisis was reaching a crescendo.

President Obama – who submitted no plan of his own – had taken to the national airwaves, not to discuss a matter of national policy, but to dishonestly engage in campaigning against the Republicans who he claimed were being stubborn and reactionary.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid openly condemned the Republican plan passed by the House of Representatives and emphaticatly declared it dead on arrival. Pursuing his own party’s agenda to gut the proffered legislation, substitute their own and send it back to the House with a so-called “compromise” solution.

For real Americans, wondering what the hell is going on, it appears that the boys and girls of Congress – at the urging of the President of the United States – are trying to find a way to keep shoveling the taxpayer’s money into programs that have not paid off. Even a casual observer would eventually notice that the four TRILLION dollars pumped into the economy did little or nothing – produced a flat GDP (gross domestic product) and an abysmal employment situation. In fact, the program did little more than re-capitalize important bank which were already technically insolvent or rapidly approaching their breaking points; as well as funding bloated goverment functions associated with union activity.

All because both parties did not know how to solve the real underlying fiscal crisis.

How many people noticed that Wells Fargo made an offer to purchase Wachovia the day after a new tax law took effect – one which would allow Wells Fargo to shelter billions in revenue from the taxman by using Wachovia’s write-downs against Wells Fargo’s income?

These are the political idiots who are passing loophole legislation while simultaneously demanding more tax money – citing the necessity for shared sacrifice. All the while insuring the major taxable revenue is dissipated by accounting trickery of funds and jobs sent abroad – leaving the burden to fall on the middle class who has always paid the price for political malfeasance. Especially when the idiot-in-chief defines the new tax threshold to be $250,000 – engaging in class warfare by demonizing the rich and the real producers in our nation. 

How many people noticed that ordinary people were losing money in investments because the banks were being recapitalized with government money at a cost of zero to one-quarter of one percent – immeasurably worse than the one-percent rates offered by former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan who sought to recapitalize the very same financial institutions after the dot com bubble burst? All the while financial institutions were paying abysmal rates on deposits and investments while charging outrageous fees and interest on their credit card operations.

And now, we are faced with an artificial crisis brought upon by the democrats who failed to produce a budget and act responsibly – preferring to concentrate on the Obamanation that is Obamacare while paying little or no attention to our economy. Allowing the EPA and other regulatory agencies to pass administrative rules which burden the small businesses who are the drivers of employment. It’s almost as if they were deliberately trying to destroy capitalism so that they could install central-planning and socialism as the cure.

Remember well what these politicians are doing and saying when it comes to 2012. And, if you want to preserve America, the American culture and pass down our way of life to the next generation – you may want to consider the politicians and criminals who have brought us to this point. And throw the bastards out of office – on both sides of the aisle.

At the risk of being accused of racism, I say we send our no-experience affirmative action President and his progressive fellow travelers back to the rocks from whence they came.

-- steve

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