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There is little or no doubt in my mind that the progressive democrats are continuing to balkanize America in order to promote their toxic socialist ideology. Using the oldest of the communist marketing techniques by creating groups of disaffected and disadvantaged Americans (and illegal aliens), the democrats offer up solutions (more respect, legislative influence, affirmative action and entitlements) in return for support at the ballot box.

Unfortunately, many of those targeted individuals will receive little or nothing in return for their lemming-like votes because, historically, the progressive democrat party refuses to dilute the power of its ruling elites – allowing for the rise of “token community leaders” like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and others of the so-called religious calling who are thought to have control over their respective flocks. Hence the rise of “walking around money” gratuities for certain community and religious leaders who are willing to serve as “Judas goats” in selling out their followers.

Without a coalition of the disaffected or disadvantaged, the democrats would have nothing to sell to the voters. And it is far easier to pander to that group than sell the idea of self-reliance and the sheer effort to compete in a world where the rules favor the wealthy, powerful and well-connected. 

If one desires proof of this assertion, just consider the municipalities and states that are currently governed by progressive democrats – or on occasion by the progressive RINO (Republican In Name Only) like Mitt Romney, Mike Bloomberg, Arnold Schwarzenegger and others of similar ilk.

With all of the billions of dollars pumped into aid programs, why do we still have decaying, crime-ridden inner cities with little or no employment prospects?

Could it be that the money is being siphoned off by politicians and being given to certain politically-connected special interests?

Could it be that the political powers-that-be will go out of their way to resist a large “big box” store -- like Wal-Mart which would bring hundreds of jobs into the area  -- because they do not support union labor?

Could it be that the needs of the inner city community are being sacrificed for political expediency? As demonstrated by legal Black citizens being displaced from their homes and potential employment by illegal aliens because the progressive democrat party believes Hispanics to be the wave of the future? And, of course, the chance to enlarge the membership roles of their largest contributor, the socialist unions?

Where are all of the community leaders who are willing to stand up and tell the simple truth: that their constituents are pawns in a high-stakes game of political chicken – where a win by the party is a win for the party’s ruling elite and those who provided campaign funds and voter support?

How many people have noticed that the progressive democrat party has demanded that the public continue to pay the outrageous demands of the public employee unions; threatening dire consequences and cut backs in public services if these demands are not met? Rather than ask everyone to take a ten-percent pay cut and pay a little more for their benefits (like the private sector), the progressive democrats demand tax hikes and threaten dire consequences.

Why are progressive democrat public officials being allowed by their constituents to ignore their primary responsibility by threatening to cut critical fire, police, medical and sanitation services to preserve the jobs of cubicle workers, art councils, boards and commissions which only serve a relative few? The failure to prioritize assets and services based on the needs of the socialist public employee unions is, in my mind, a criminal conspiracy.

Bottom line …

Never before has the United States faced the clear and present danger of thoroughly corrupt and socialist-dominated (dare I say it – communist-dominated) political influences.

Don’t get me wrong, there is corruption and wrongdoing on both sides of the aisle. And it is not the union members, but their racketeer or communist-influenced leadership that is at fault. Most members cowed by peer pressure or outright violent thuggery that keeps them from taking action.

But as long as we have a secret ballot, we can vote the progressives – in both parties – out of office and replace them with conservatives. And voting them out of office every few years in a voter-imposed version of term limits.

Time to wake up; take action and preserve the America we know and love. And, if you do not love America or are working to make it better – pick a country of your choice, renounce your citizenship and go away.

-- steve

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