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GUN CONTROL VS CRIME CONTROL: Self-Defense in an unalienable right for everyone ...

There is little doubt in my mind that most progressives continue to confuse gun control with crime control. Many of these fools believe that self-defense using a weapon is not an unalienable right and that individuals should rely on the authorities to protect them from adverse actions of criminals and the deranged.

Of course, any rational person with any degree of common sense knows that the authorities cannot always appear where they are needed, when they are needed. And when seconds count, even a response in minutes is not acceptable.

Of course, the government has a not-so-hidden agenda …

First, they do not agree with the actual purpose of the Second Amendment, which is to prevent governmental tyranny. 

Two, the government, dominated by public employee unions, realizes that a certain amount of crime is necessary to provide the Raison d'être for their existence and ever increasing influence and expanding budgets.

And three, today’s law enforcement people are becoming increasingly and physically afraid of confrontations with armed suspects.

The truth is simple …

You have the right to defend yourself and your family  against the illegal actions of the government, criminals and crazies. Using deadly force as a necessary and appropriate tool to keep you and yours safe.

If you believe that it is unlikely that you will encounter governmental tyranny, think again.

One need look no farther than the unconstitutional activities of the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) during Hurricane Katrina. Not only did they illegally go door-to-door disarming law-abiding citizens in their homes – removing any protection against looters and others who would victimize these vulnerable people – members of the force have been found guilty of actually killing innocent citizens for no apparent reason.

In a natural disaster or area-wide disturbance, the authorities may be unable to protect you, your loved ones and your assets (including emergency supplies) from armed individuals or bands of marauding looters.

And while you can never fully protect against criminals and crazies, the opportunity for an armed person or even a passerby to stop an attack and mitigate damage should not be denied. Not that we are encouraging vigilantism or assuming the role of police officers, but only using arms to the exigent extent of protecting your life, the lives of your family – and, in appropriate circumstances, the lives of your friends and neighbors. 

Enter the Congress of Racial Equality …

Even CORE, the Congress of Racial Equality, is intervening in a lawsuit supported by the National Rifle Association and the CRPA (California Rifle and Pistol Association) against the restrictive concealed carry policies of San Diego County?  The lawsuit is seeking to overturn a previous U.S. district court ruling that upheld San Diego Sheriff William Gore’s restrictive and unfair policies in issuing permits to carry concealed firearms. The lawsuit (Edward Peruta, et at., Plaintiffs-Appellants versus County of San Diego, et at., Defendants-Appellees) will be heard in the uber-progressive Ninth Circuit (Circus?) Court of Appeals.

CORE: Who they are …

“The Congress of Racial Equality, Inc. ("CORE") is a New York not-for-profit membership corporation founded in 1942 with local chapters throughout the United States, Africa, and other parts of the world. CORE is the third oldest and one of the 'Big Four' civil rights groups in the United States.”

Why CORE is concerned  …

“CORE's interest in this case stems from the fact that the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms for self defense is an important civil right that was denied to African Americans under the antebellum Slave Codes, the Black Codes passed just after the Civil War, and under the Jim Crow regimes that persisted into the twentieth century. In states, such as here, with discretionary licensing and permitting statutes regarding who may exercise Second Amendment rights, the poor and minorities may suffer discrimination.”

CORE’s position …

“The following demonstrates that the Second Amendment guarantees the right to carry arms. The text prohibits infringement of the right to ‘bear arms,’ and does not limit that right to one's house. In Heller, the Supreme Court recognized the general right to carry arms. This is demonstrated by further evidence from the founding period. Having no right to bear arms was an incident of slavery.”

“The Fourteenth Amendment prohibits states from banning the carrying of arms, including discretionary licensing laws that deny the right to the general public. The Supreme Court in McDonald reaffirmed the fundamental character of the right to bear arms for self defense. The Fourteenth Amendment was understood to guarantee the right to carry
arms free from state infringement, such as through laws that delegate power to officials discretion to grant or deny licenses. Finally, infringement on the right to bear arms is actionable under the civil rights act of 1871, 42 U.S.C. § 1983.”

According to Second Amendment advocate Chuck Michel at …

The CORE brief emphasizes how the right to ‘bear arms’ does not stop at one’s doorstep, and gives a historical analysis of the Fourteenth Amendment, discussing how discretionary firearms licensing laws were an incident of slavery.”

Bottom line …

Protecting your Constitutional rights, especially the Second Amendment which reinforces all of them, has never been more important.

Politicians such as Chris Christie and others speak like conservatives but who do not fully support your Second Amendment rights or want to impose onerous gun ownership restrictions should not be given a “second thought.”

What keeps European socialism and communism at bay and prevents the world-wide conquest by totalitarian individuals can be found in America: a strong, workable, freedom-guaranteeing Constitution and an armed populace. It has been often been said by members of the United Nations, that the armed citizens of the United States are preventing the spread of beneficial socialism. Hence, their activities to impose international gun rights in the guise of preventing children from being accidently or deliberately shot. An old “it’s for the children” ploy which is failing to fully resonate in the United States.

But in the final analysis, it is “We the People” that will defend and protect our Constitution, our lives and our way of life.

Be strong. Be safe. Protect yourself and your loved ones. And if the police arrive when they are needed -- hooray.

-- steve

“It is far better to be judged by twelve than carried in a box to your grave by six.” – anonymous

Full disclosure: I am a life member (benefactor level) of the National Rifle Association.

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“The concept of ‘certain unalienable rights’ is evidence that the Founding Fathers of the United States believed in God and for the most part we're strongly religious men with strong beliefs in entitlements bestowed by God upon men, and that these entitlements were so important that no earthly power can rightfully deny them. Therefore, no Government can deny these rights.” <Source>

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"No one will be able to be armed. We are going to take all the weapons." – NOPD Deputy Police Chief Warren Riley

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