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A healthcare conspiracy theory that bears investigation ...

Here is a story about waste, fraud and corruption that bears repeating …

The Obama Administration rejected the offer of IBM to supply the Healthcare Administration with specialized software which would reduce Medicare and Medicaid fraud by approximately $900 BILLION … enough to pay for the preliminary portion of ObamaCare. Free of charge -- to prove the systems capabilities. The Obama Administration not only rejected the offer once – but twice.

This was not a secret deal, it was widely reported …

So why did Obama turn down IBM’s offer which would have benefited all healthcare recipients?

One, reason, which is relatively understandable in the course of normal business relations, is related to the political lobbying of vendors who were opposed to giving IBM a major advantage in supplying a critical system to the government without a lengthy and costly competitive bidding procedure. Both profits and political jealousy seem to have been key motivations.

Two, the second reason involves a conspiracy theory that needs to be investigated. Basically, the insurance gatekeepers of the healthcare system profit mightily from the waste, fraud and abuse of the system because they are reimbursed for such fraudulent or wasteful activities by taxpayer dollars. Therefore, a reduction in waste, fraud and abuse would also result in a reduction in their profits – and cushy executive bonuses.

Holding Obama and the democrats accountable in 2012 …

There is little or no doubt in my mind that Obama and his fellow travelers are attempting to hijack the United States economy for the purposes of implementing their own progressive political ideology as well as perpetuate control over major government activities by installing a permanent progressive cadre of unelected officials with the power to extend the power of the progressive democrats long after Obama leaves office – no matter who inhabits the White House or controls the Administration in the coming years.

One only needs to see that Obama’s global warming and environmental initiatives would give politicians control over energy generation, transmission, usage and pricing – the guts which drive the economic engine of the United States.

Similarly, control over the administration of healthcare would grant the government similar control over individual citizens – literally giving the government the power to decide which people would live and which people would die. Especially dangerous since the progressive agenda is based on the power derived from managing scarce resources, be they energy- or heath-related. Not to mention their mantra of “population control” to preserve these resources for the “collective” future generation.

Bottom line …

As a data processor who is intimately familiar with computing, many anti-fraud checks and balances can be built into government systems at a relatively small cost as measured against the benefits they provide to the American people.

Whether we are speaking of a tightly-controlled identification card that uses the existing technology of the credit card issuers to check immigration status and eligibility for government programs or checking the validity of medical payments … it is all doable and doable NOW.

Every politician and every administration claims that they are against waste, fraud and abuse of the system. All decry corruption, yet it continues year-after-year –- not only unabated, but continually increasing. The only rational explanation for this phenomenon is corruption. Corruption of politicians who are trading their influence and votes in return for after-office profits, campaign funds, media attention and voter drive supports. How else can you explain the serious conflict of interest involving public employee unions and the politicians – where only the union-supported politicians are seated at the bargaining table across the the very unions who are demanding their fealty and support. Where the American citizen/taxpayer is nowhere to be found.

Perhaps this is why the GOP is putting forth such a weak field of candidates. Because it really does not matter which party is in power as long as the “political class” and the public service unions continue to drain the taxpayer’s wallets with impunity.

We are now at a crossroads, facing a clear and present danger which is more threatening than a nuclear weapon. Governmental/special interest corruption is so prevalent and so malignant as to be threatening the existential future of the America we all know and love.

We must take back our country by electing “honest brokers” to serve “We the People.” No celebrities or hotshots. No squirrely politicians like Ron Paul who simply talk and vote conservative, but lack the capacity to provide both vision and leadership. No divisive players like Sarah Palin who shift the debate to the candidate instead of the problems facing America and the solutions that are immediately required.

2012 is rapidly approaching and we need to remove the democrats, progressives, socialists and communists from our government and public employee ranks. History will prove that Joseph McCarthy, a loud, foul-mouthed drunken legislator was right – they have infiltrated our government and now seem to be driving the national debate and agenda.

Unfortunately, we can no longer trust the mainstream media to speak truth-to-power or honestly report the events of the day. And, unfortunately, we cannot trust those in the alternative media who have turned patriotism into a lucrative profession.

We need to be able to judge for ourselves what is rational and what is crazy – not only voting for the rational, but convincing our family, friends and relatives that conservative values will be their salvation in an age of entitlements which threatens to corrupt and bankrupt the American economic and social system.

Or as they say: “let them speak now or forever hold their peace.”


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