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Is the United Nations attempting to sway American public opinion using Hollywood celebrities as unofficial"turncoat" lobbyists and propagandists? You bet!


The issue is the union’s coercive control over the state’s democrats – a Faustian bargain with the devil that rewards democrats who follow the union’s dictates with campaign contributions, media support, voter support and the denial of support to the politician’s rivals. All in a quid-pro-quo (this for that) deal that leaves the ordinary taxpayer with taxation without representation. And the rise of a protected politicized class of people who are immune from life’s natural consequences that are imposed on us all.

The democrats are spinning the story as union busting …

Unfortunately many mainstream media sources fail to explain that public employee unions are far different creatures from the unions that are found in the private sector. In the private sector there were many real and significant reasons why employees banded together to deal with issues involving health, safety and the capricious behavior of those who controlled the purse strings. But, in today’s day-and-age, we see employees with a range of legal options to prevent any alleged egregious behavior on the part of management. And any number of rapacious attorneys eager to take on labor-related cases.

Also at risk …

There is no doubt that the power of the democrat party comes from union support. And without this support they need to work harder to serve the needs of “We the People.” No more breezing through elections with their command over finances and the media.

The unions fear their ability to compel the state to collect dues from their members might be lost … leaving the door open to those who demand their human rights, lose their right to use the government to collect dues from covered employees. Without this extra coercive process, the unions lose much of their power -- over their members, and without these unwitting members, over politicians who are required to negotiate on behalf of "We the People."

Bottom line …

For the taxpayer – an end to political corruption that leaves the taxpayer unrepresented in the governing and bargaining process.

For the politicians – an end to the gravy train that insulates them from competition to raise funds from ordinary individuals.

For union members – an end to the coercive demand that they need to join a union to secure a job in government. An end to a mandatory contribution of $1000.00 or more to an organization who does not represent their political interests; and, in many cases, an organization that does not always work in their best interests.

For “We the People” – taking back our country, piece by piece from those corrupt politicians who pander to special interests like the unions for personal, political or profitable gain rather than represent the constituencies that elected them to office.

-- steve

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