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Trump for president?

What the Islamic Kings and Mullahs really fear …

No, it is not the United States – especially as it is being led by Barack Obama.

It is progress and the pictures of the outside world that are being transmitted daily to the young men and women who see how people of their own age are living in other lands – and they begin to wonder why they are forced to live in perpetual servitude to old men who rule arrogantly and with a ruthless, merciless hand.

The greatest destabilization force in the Saudi Kingdom would be pictures of the Princes drinking booze, cavorting with hookers and living a wild and profligate lifestyle in places like London, Gstaad and other party spots in the world that cater to the rich and famous. No wonder the King is showering his people with BILLIONS of dollars – after all he seems to have bought off the terrorists by financing their fanatical mosques around the world. Heaven only knows what they are able to purchase with Saudi money.

There will be a day of reckoning … and it will come sooner rather than later as more people find that the Islamic news is suppressing the real news – and the behavior of their leaders.

-- steve

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