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It came to me while I was doing absolutely nothing in my backyard. The reason for all of the world’s ills at the hands of the progressives. A rather startling conclusion that seemed to fit all of the observations that I have made over the past few years. And a simple, at least by the criteria of Occam’s Razor, explanation for how the progressives get it all wrong.

It appears that the progressives are observing the world using the wrong end of the binoculars.

That’s it in a nutshell.

Of course, you are going to require some form of sophisticated analysis before conceding the point, so I will demonstrate the sheer brilliance of this observation.

Consider the basics of progressive thought from the people trying to convince you that they are part of the perfect people for a perfect planet.

That the planet’s resources are finite and at our present rates of consumption there will be nothing left for succeeding generations.

Hence the preoccupation with population control and the necessity to concede political power over a rather unexceptional population which needs the enlightened “ruling elite” to tell us all what to do.

And that they are demonstrably smarter, given their birth, wealth, education or position than you are and thus it is they that should be running the world.

From this you can clearly see that they are looking through the wrong end of the binoculars.

Ignoring the fact that:

one, most of them appear to be somewhat ignorant of nature’s cyclical and self-regulating (wait for it) nature;

two, they are only looking at a very small subset of the industrialized world, the subset with wealth that can be re-distributed and traded for personal fame, fortune, power and profit; (yes, I know fortune and profit are the same things – but it was so important to the point I mentioned it twice)

three, they have no real clue to the diversity and strength of the biosphere as it currently exists or is likely to exist in the future; and

four, seem to have little regard for the science and technology which seems to be advancing our civilization in all areas except human nature and political thought.

Clearly, their viewpoint through the wrong end of the binoculars is clouded by the mass of unexceptional people contained within their presumed collective politicial structure; making few if any allowances for those truly exceptional individuals who are being (wait for it) individuals.

Had they turned the binoculars around, perhaps they would have seen people as individuals, not a squished- together collective representative of all humanity.

Had they turned the binoculars around, perhaps they would have seen larger vistas and the magnificent engineering accomplishments which has added to the richness and robustness of our daily lives.

And perhaps if they had turned the binoculars around, perhaps they would have seen a very large crowd waiting to throw their collective asses in the street as their political, social and financial failures have wreaked havoc on this world.

Bottom line …

While the progressives look through the wrong end of the binoculars and concentrate on the rationing of artificially constrained and government-controlled resources, they fail to see that nature has decreed that life is endlessly and continuously generative, supportive and self-sustaining. And thus, miss the basic tenets of a free-society as they attempt to achieve the so-called “betterment of man” with their totalitarian schemes. Often producing treatments that cause more pain and suffering than the original disease.

If you are a progressive, turn the binoculars around – it will be an amazing and rewarding experience.

And now that I have solved that problem, I am going to take a nap before I start on whether or not string theory has anything to do with cheese and spaghetti.

That is, until the thought police come round and explain that I should be thinking of healthier, greener things.

-- steve

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Occam’s Razor – (lex parsimoniae) is an observation that among the solutions to complex problems with competing hypotheses, the solution that requires the fewest assumptions and manipulations is generally the best answer to the problem.

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