Illegal Aliens: A Clear and Present DANGER to the safety and security of the United States and its citizens!
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Decline of the common man and common sense ...

Presumed to be a democrat if you are not a republican; a liberal if you are not a conservative or a troglodyte if not a progressive …

Most politicians and media pundits, most often and incorrectly assume that most people are either political policy wonks or the great “unwashed” and ill-informed public. “Public” as often said with a sneer and some measure of obvious disdain.

Whatever happened to the common, ordinary person with a “life” and a need to deal with the vagaries of day-to-day living. Not sitting around have a theoretical discussion about middle-eastern socialism and its affect on global trade policies?

In any neighborhood, most people are concerned with their children, homes, finances, vehicles, employment, familial and social obligations – depending on which presents first in their consciousness.

The big external issues of the day are crime, taxes and the encroachment of illegal aliens which seems to manifest itself in declining social services and decaying neighborhoods. Not in that order always, but close enough for government work.

It is my perception, no surprise there for those who read OneCitizenSpeaking, that I have little or no regard for professional politicians who start running for re-election or the next office the minute they take the oath of office. Making deals with the special interests who provide campaign funding, media attention and voter support. Looking past the constituency that voted for their media image and onto the issues which will help them secure additional fame and fortune.

While I have some empathy for those fighting to retain their well-paid government jobs – much as I empathize with individual hard-working illegal aliens – I cannot abide by that which should have never existed in the first place.

The fact that elected officials pandered to public employee unions and allowed them to impose costly work rules to force an expansion of the work rules – or the elected officials which conveniently ignore the laws of our land to offer illegal aliens sanctuary – is not only abominable, but it is bankrupting our cities, states and nations while insuring civil unrest among those fighting for scarce resources.

We have only our elected officials to blame; but even more than that, we have our political parties to blame. The people who ran these politicians in the hopes of winning more influence in government. Not to do good, not to serve the country – but to win and allow those in power to loot the public treasury on behalf of themselves and their special interest friends.

Now I am growing even more concerned when people like Donald Trump is claiming to consider a run for the Presidency of the United States.

This is not a position of a Celebrity Apprentice – haven’t we learned as much with the candidacy and presidency of Barack Obama. A man so spectacularly disconnected from governing that he appears impotent in the eyes of our countrymen, neighbors and, worst of all, our enemies. A man with little or no discernable background, dubious lifetime associations with socialists and communists, no real public policy experience and a past electoral history of voting “present.”

While I have no doubt that, unlike Barack Obama, Trump will stand on his soapbox and proclaim the superiority of the United States – much as he does with his own brand, I fear that such a self-promoting charlatan will bring more damage upon our country.

So ask yourself: why is the republican party so passive and willing to foist anyone with a chance to win the election upon the electorate? Why have they not put forth a principled platform and asked others to join us? Why have they not exhibited real leadership in demonstrating, clearly and factually, the difference between the republicans and the progressive democrats that are moving our nation towards European-style socialism? Is it because they are just as corrupt, in their own ways, as the opposition and that there is little or no difference between the parties when it comes to plundering our national treasure for their own purposes: mainly to purchase America’s vote with her own money so that they can achieve perpetual political power and the key to the Treasury? Or is it because they do not know how to turn the nation around – or are unwilling to lose votes and financial support by telling the truth?

We are getting screwed royally. By our own elected officials, by our ever-growing government and by our enemies who ratchet up the conflict in order to be bribed into submission – selling photo ops to members of our government in return for the taxpayer’s hard-earned money. Everywhere we turn, someone has their hand out. Screaming racism, bigotry, homophobia or similar epithets whenever they do not get their way.

Why are we allowing America, the great melting pot with the common goal of national prosperity and individual success to be subverted by the increasing balkanization of our nation. With the illegal aliens demanding that to which they are not legally entitled? With the gays demanding that we change the definition of marriage, although marriage is a civil union? With the unions demanding to become a “protected class of workers” who are exempt from the consequences of life – even as they promote collective unexceptionalism over productive individuality? Everybody has their hand out – loudly demanding a piece of someone else’s hard work, land, treasure or belongings.

We are allowing the increasing feminization of America, a touchie-feely experience that abhors the necessity to actually fight for causes in which we believe.

I do not know why we are in Afghanistan – a tribal 12-century culture (with cellphones, go figure) that has never been conquered and never been ruled by a central government. A conflict ginned up by the Islamic Pakistanis to protect their border while they prepare for war with India. Yes, Pakistan has nuclear weapons; but are they so stupid as to realize that a single weapon release is tantamount to MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) in the region. I do not know why we are in Iraq – other than to provide a counterweight to Iran’s increasing influence.

Iran seems to be at the center of all evil – so why not give them sixty days notice and tell them to get the hell out of Iraq, Lebanon – dismantle Hamas and Hezbollah or face the consequences. With or without some bogus United Nations coalition.

And why do we even bother supporting the United Nations – an anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti-freedom body that consists of pampered bureaucrats playing diplomatic games for their own benefit.

I do not pretend to know all the answers, but I can clearly see the downward spiral of the United States – both domestically and internationally. And unless we reverse that slide, we are going to become a cross between Mexico (with its oligarchs and ruling elite) and France (with its socialism, unions and disdain for anything or anyone not French).

And we must start now – preparing to fight the battle in 2012. Electing “honest brokers” to serve “We the People” instead of themselves and their special interest friends.

We must demand that our political parties perform a rigorous self-assessment and take action. In the case of the democrat party – infiltrated by progressives, socialists, and communists – it should be an existential question. For the republican party – it should be a question of replacing the old guard with new blood. Untainted by scandal, corruption and the associations which are increasingly angering the American people.

Time to get going. And not with people like Romney, Gingrich, Pawlenty, Paul and the other political ghosts of the past. But with principled politicians with honor such as Col. Allen West.

As always, I am willing to debate my position or receive comments. Prove me wrong.

-- steve

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