It must be the new union currency ...
The ultimate April Fools' joke -- Los Angeles Republican Party issues fundraising e-mail on "Taking Back Los Angeles"

Another professional politician with a career of talking conservative?

In the real world of conservative politics, there are doers and there are talkers …

And you should decide for yourself where Tom McClintock should be placed after reading this last-minute funds request.

Tom McClintock for Congress

Dear E-Team,

As I write this, we are fighting a pitched battle in Congress over the survival of our country.

We are now faced with a tremendous challenge of cutting a minimum of $100 billion in federal spending this year and passing a comprehensive budget for 2012 that will drastically reduce spending and reduce our deficit significantly.
In the first debate on the Continuing Resolution, I offered 42 of the 583 amendments to cut federal spending. However, only a small fraction of my amendments were adopted. The House finally adopted $61 billion in cuts, but this is not enough to make a dent in the deficit.

If we do not hold our ground on these spending reductions this year it will make 2012 budget fight that much harder to make any real impact on the federal deficit. I have spoken out the need to stand our ground and make deeper cuts now while we have the support of the American people.

The battle has only begun over the budget and I am committed to this fight.

With your support, I ran for Congress with the avowed aim of helping to revive American Founding principles as the center of the public policy debate, of helping to rebuild a governing majority dedicated to those principles, and ultimately of helping to restoring America's moral authority, material abundance and martial strength which those principles make possible.

Your continued support as we begin this next election cycle is literally what makes my work in the House possible.

We are approaching a reporting deadline today. Any potential challengers in 2012 will be looking at our campaign finance report to determine if they can mount a serious campaign against me. Can you help by contributing by midnight tonight?

Your previous support has allowed me to be where I am today. Thank you for everything that you have done and continue to do.


Tom McClintock

The decision to run against Tom McClintock will not hinge on the amount of money he raises from individuals; it will hinge on his voting record and the strength of his democrat opponent’s connections with the unions, Indian gaming infrastructure and popularity with the residents of McClintock’s district.

And when I see these type of arguments being used as a fundraising campaign, I wonder how smart the candidate really is when he uses this type of “us vs. them” pitch in which he seemingly takes credit from the actions of his party, his caucus and the House Republican majority?

Why I am personally displeased with Tom McClintock …

First, I thought that he really did live in the Thousand Oaks area – so imagine my disappointment when I found out that he was a resident of a Sacramento suburb and took his “per diem” fees just like every other political hack. The home in Thousand Oaks belongs to his parents.

During the great gubernatorial recall campaign of 2003, state Sen. Tom McClintock made a statewide name for himself by evoking his nostalgic vision for a return to California's Golden Age. He talked often about the home in Thousand Oaks his parents purchased in 1965.

"On a modest income, they bought a four-bedroom, ranch-style home with a 40-foot swimming pool," McClintock often said during his unsuccessful run for governor. "They bought that home for $35,000."

Five years later, McClintock is running in a tough Republican primary campaign for Congress in a Northern California district that stretches from the Sacramento suburbs to the Oregon border. And that home in Thousand Oaks has again become a key part of the campaign.

The difference is, this time it's McClintock's opponent who keeps bringing it up.

Former Congressman Doug Ose is trying to make political hay by asking voters in Roseville, Tahoe City, Susanville and points north: If McClintock lives down there, why is he asking to represent you up here? And if he doesn't live down there, why has he been accepting special pay for out-of-town legislators designed to compensate them for their living expenses in Sacramento?

McClintock is registered to vote at his mother's house in Thousand Oaks. Although he and his wife spend nearly all their time at their home in the Sacramento suburb of Elk Grove, it is the residency in Thousand Oaks that makes him eligible to serve as the state senator representing Ventura County's 19th Senate District.

He must keep that as his residency to finish his final term in the Senate, so on June 3, McClintock will be unable to vote for himself in the congressional district he seeks to represent.

<Source: Ventura County Star>

Second, I thought that he was fiscally conservative until he appears to support Indian gaming compacts with little or no real accounting or accountability. It just didn’t make sense to me until I found out that he was apparently owned by the Indian gaming industry – which apparently spent millions in “support” media purchases. And that there was a kerfuffle with fundraising from Indian sources.

The reliably Democratic Indian tribes, loyal to Bustamante, would essentially throw their weight behind McClintock to chip away at the support of Arnold Schwarzenegger, the GOP front-runner. The Democrat strategy with regard to Tom McClintock is: “If you know you can beat ‘em, join ‘em.”

McClintock is unfazed by this conniving scheme and is more than happy to play along. His actions suggest that he’s willing to make allies with loyal Democratic groups under the logic, the enemy of my enemy (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is my friend.

On August 28th, McClintock and Bustamante went together before the California Nations Indian Gaming Association to pledge their support. Needless to say, money will follow. Whether McClintock knows it or not, he’s being used by the Left. If Democrat allies can keep McClintock in the game, they can put a cap on Arnold’s support. A recent Los Angeles Times poll shows Bustamante with 35% of the vote and McClintock with 12%. The poll indicates that McClintock will lose decisively but more importantly, his vote will ensure that GOP front-runner Schwarzenegger loses as well. <Source>

From the Wall Street Journal [9-24-2003] Indian Givers--II: Tribes that run California casinos aim to run the whole state.

"... Last Friday the Morongo Band of Mission Indians began airing independent-expenditure ads in support of Mr. McClintock. The Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation has also ponied up a large sum for a similar independent expenditure."

"John Stoos, Mr. McClintock's campaign manager, told me that his boss has nothing to do with the ad campaigns but welcomes them as appropriate support given the senator's longtime backing of tribal sovereignty."

Of course, we know how that turned out – Schwarzenegger turned his back on what appeared to be a disloyal running mate and he won while McClintock lost. Even with the $3+ million in Indian gaming expenditures.

And third, when McClintock was termed out, he simply selected another venue closer to his Sacramento digs and ran for another office like any other politician. Not attempting to represent my area and tapping, once again into Indian gaming funds.

Bottom line …

Like Representative Ron Paul, McClintock appears to be an articulate, passionate conservative whose actual accomplishments are extremely limited when it comes to actual legislation. Even though such legislation appears to be dramatically supportive of the conservative cause.

However, serving as the conservative conscience of the legislative body appears to be their real stock in the political trade; all the while talking conservative, claiming to hold the liberal’s accountable. And all the while doing what professional politicians do to keep themselves on the public gravy train.

-- steve

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