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Col. Allen West -- Channeling Reagan's Hope for the Future ... could handily beat a Ron Paul and the other marginal candidates on style points alone!

Reagan and the most important question facing the GOP in the 2012 presidential election …

Every blue moon I find something that I wish that I had written.

Here is a piece from Rick Newton, a fellow patriot who writes a daily blog titled “Right Bites -- Highlighting News & Opinions the Mainstream Media Ignores, Fears, or Distorts.”

Rick’s test for a right-wing extremist is simple …

You are a ‘Right-Wing Extremist’ if you support the following:
 I believe in God and the Judeo-Christian morals and values upon which this country was founded.
 I believe in the adherence to our Constitution and the rule of law.
 I believe in personal responsibility – I do not require the government to fight and define my battles.
 I oppose entitlements – Earn your way or get out of the way.
 I expect government to serve the people – not to rule and ignore the people.
 I expect the same fiscal responsibility from government as I must practice myself.
 I believe that immigration should be strictly controlled – living in the USA is a privilege to be earned – not an entitlement.
 I believe in the sanctity of God-given life – I oppose abortion.
 I believe in the right of citizens to keep and bear arms.
 I believe in the American culture and English as our national language – multi-culturalism is a recipe for divisiveness.
 I am not my brother’s keeper, but I am a compassionate person. I, not the government, will choose who, when, and the extent to which I help others.

And here is Rick’s thoughts on the current GOP candidates …

Who Will Pick Up the Reagan Baton?

A video featuring Ronald Reagan and entitled “Those Voices Don’t Speak for the Rest of Us” again found its way to my inbox today.  Never do I tire of listening to Reagan’s wisdom and frank style - especially, as in this video, when he is cast against a sea of elitist jackasses.  But those fond memories quickly fade to thoughts of worry and frustration as we are perpetually bombarded with candidates and potential candidates who are nothing more than imitators (at best) of leadership and conservative values.

For the ‘old guard’ of the Republican establishment, here’s a newsflash:  Reaganesque-type leadership will not be found in a Romney, a Pawlenty, a Gingrich, a Huckabee, another Bush, a Barbour, or many of the others who wouldn’t qualify to carry Reagan’s shoes – let alone step into them.  The good news, however, is that the type of leadership this nation requires does exist – we just simply cannot fall prey to the conventional thinking that tells us that aside from being conservatively qualified (and we know that’s a joke), that such a person also needs to possess sufficient political grooming, experience, and exposure.  To that old wives’ tale, we should collectively declare “bull crap”!

First of all, with the rate at which our economy and national strength are declining, we do not have the luxury of waiting.  Those liberals who would drag us under from within our own nation have infested Washington, D.C. as if they were termites – or better yet, cockroaches – and we cannot afford for them to inflict further burdens and wounds upon America.  But more importantly, the conventional wisdom of the grooming, experience, and exposure assumption was blown to smithereens with the election of the piece of human excrement who currently occupies the White House.  All that he brought to the White House were contempt for our Constitution, values, and exceptionalism along with an unquenchable thirst for power – better known as ‘hope and change’.

So where is this sought after leadership?  It’s actually more widespread than we are led to believe, were it not for a Republican Party that exercises internal party entitlement practices better than the Democrats.  My intent in this commentary and at this point in time is not to define or exclude (other than those listed above) the people who would be viable, conservative candidates.  Rather, it is to emphasize the importance for us as conservatives to actively recruit and promote the strongest candidates – not to be content to merely campaign hard for whatever ‘scraps’ (e.g., McCain) are thrown our way.  As a party, the GOP may have the most viable vehicle by which a candidate can defeat Obama, but they don’t have the tools, priorities, or sense of urgency to claim a meaningful victory.  We need robust leadership to capture the elections of 2012 –we simply cannot allow the pressures of conventional thinking and self-serving GOP rules to limit our possibilities.

If ever there was a time for the Tea Parties, 912 groups, Constitutional groups, Patriot groups, and every other conservative grassroots organization to make a dramatic impact, it is the elections of 2012.  If you aren’t sufficiently motivated to accept that challenge, keep watching this video until Barney Frank, Alcee Hastings, John Dingell, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Dick Durbin, Phil Hare, and John Conyers are permanently etched in your mind – for most of us, that would be considered cruel and unusual punishment.  It is time for us as citizens to lay claim to the expectations for strong leadership – not only through voting, but in selecting and promoting true, principled leadership.  It’s ours to own and the time is now.

Rick Newton

Thanks Rick, for your permission to reprint and for your patriotism.

-- steve

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