Obama wants to know what you think about his 2011/2012 budget ...

Does ANY California politician have the guts to follow Ohio's Senate Bill 5 in dealing with the unions?

If unions are recognized as the problem …

There is very little doubt in my minds that unions, especially public employee unions are bad for government entities.

  • Salary, Perks, Benefits and Retirement continually rise
  • Work and productivity slow down to accommodate the collective norm and make room for more government workers
  • Seniority, not merit, is rewarded
  • Employees learn to game the system to greatly increase their benefits relative to their actual value to the public entity
  • Unfunded pension liabilities can lead to bankruptcy
  • Public employee unions are able to hold corrupt politicians hostage to ever greater demands

why are more politicians not proposing a rational solution?

They are afraid of the political consequences of angering the unions and the government bureaucracy.

One patriot stands out …

But it appears that Ohio’s State Legislature has at least one brave individual willing to confront the issue head on. Shannon Jones.

“State Senator Shannon Jones (R) is currently serving her first term in the Ohio Senate and represents the 7th Senate District, which includes all of Warren County and portions of Hamilton County. Throughout her tenure in the Legislature - she previously served as a member of the Ohio House of Representatives from 2007 to 2009 - Shannon has hit the ground running, earning key leadership posts and a seat at the table on issues of importance to her constituents. For the 129th General Assembly, Jones was selected by her colleagues to serve as the Majority Whip - the number four post in the chamber.”

The Jones’ solution …

Senate Bill 5 …

“States the General Assembly's intent to prohibit the state and state employees and state institutions of higher education and their employees from collectively bargaining, to abolish salary schedules for public employees and instead require merit pay, and to make various other changes to the Collective Bargaining Law.”

Bottom line …

The problem is clearly stated, the consequences of inaction are a clear and present danger to local, state and federal government.

I did not sign on to deprive myself and my family of sustenance to support a cadre of unionized government workers at salary and benefit levels beyond what they can obtain in the private sector -- with a guarantee of employment that places them beyond conditions found in economic turndowns. While I like teachers, I do not think they deserve a lifetime job after two or three years – and certainly if they cannot be easily fired for malfeasance and inadequate performance.

And before anyone starts shouting: “it’s for the children,” showing pictures of police, firefighters and nurses – show me the pictures of the bloated bureaucratic cubicle workers who do nothing but pass paper back and forth among themselves. And I also do not like to support a burgeoning bureaucracy that is designed to support illegal aliens who shouldn’t be here in the first place.

So let’s solve the problem now – letting the legislators choose between doing the right thing for “We the People” or losing their jobs.

-- steve

Reference Links …

Senate Bill 5 – Ohio Laws, Acts, and Legislation

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