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Col. Allen West -- Channeling Reagan's Hope for the Future ... could handily beat a Ron Paul and the other marginal candidates on style points alone!

So far, the GOP has offered me politicians: where every calculation is a political one; where every speech is tailored not for the American citizen, but for their immediate constituency; and where the great majority of candidates are either old-line “same thing once again” politicians or RINOs who believe that they can win by becoming more like democrats.

Yes, it is necessary to attract the independents, the moderate democrats, the poor and the minorities. But not at the expense of balkanizing the various constituencies and promising them power and entitlements if they vote for their group over America as a whole.

Here is a man of honor, country and community. He happens to be black, but he identifies himself as an AMERICAN – not a hyphenate promising to advance the needs of some over the needs of our great nation.

I urge you to listen to his speech carefully. Yes, there are things he may not know – but a careful selection of advisors and being guided by the principle of honor, country and community should weight the fight to his advantage. He has more practical experience than our current President, Barack Hussein Obama. Not to mention courage, honor and a viewpoint that America is an exceptional country – unlike any other country on the face of this planet.

Take your tired hacks and those who simply mouth the words people expect to hear – take those politicians who will do or say anything to get elected and decide now: are these people really capable of representing America first and their class, race, color, national origin, gender or sexual identification second? I look at the current slate of hopefuls and am sickened by what the GOP is willing to present as the “best and brightest” to the American people.

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The GOP needs to state its platform and invite all others of a like mind to join us.

I believe that Col. Allen West is another leader in the mold of Ronald Reagan.

I should also mention the almost virulent response that the mention of Col. West brought from those who claimed that West could not hold a candle to Ron Paul. Some claiming that West's support of the Patriot Act was somehow representative of voting for big government over libertarianism. It is my viewpoint that their brand of libertarian behavior is nothing more than organized anarchy – and that such a system cannot capture the hearts and minds of mainstream America any more than Communism. As for the patriot act, I am all for intercepting foreign telephone calls from known terrorists any day in the week -- with or without a warrant. The terrorists play by their own rules and we need to get tougher -- respecting the rights of American citizens, but not letting them use our own laws against us. The United States Constitution is not a suicide pact that should render us defenseless and at the mercy of terrorist lawyers.

I think Col. West should be given consideration as a national candidate and I would rather cast my vote for him over Romney, Gingrich, Huckabee and the others who cannot possibly unite America in a way to preserve her sovereignty and exceptionalism.

-- steve

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