The subtle nature of Hollywood's progressive propaganda ...

When you listen or watch Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck or Mark Levin, you know what you are getting and you are aware of what they stand for. You employ your critical thinking abilities and turn on your BS detector. Their messaging and positions are crystal clear and there is absolutely no attempt to slide something by in stealth mode.

Not so, however, in television programs created and distributed by the Hollywood progressives. They have you at a severe disadvantage. You are relaxed, susceptible to repetitive suggestion and your critical thinking abilities are muted – after all this is entertainment.

And this is how Hollywood’s progressive crowd intends to indoctrinate American citizens with their progressive causes, ideas while further eroding morality. Turning good and evil, black and white into a muddled sense of multi-cultural morally equivalent shade of gray.

Let’s consider David E. Kelley’s new program, Harry’s Law, about a curmudgeonly lawyer (Kathy Bates) and her work with disadvantaged poor and minority clients. Poking fun at the current system while subtlety pushing progressive doctrine.

From Harry’s Law, Season One -- Episode Two …

The story line includes a poor Laundromat owner who is being sued by an employee for wrongful termination under the labor code. But it is not that simple – it never is – as the owner is Chinese and has terminated the employee because this will be her second child. Of course, the human rights violations are mentioned along with global warming and all of the other progressive causes.

But it was this dialogue, delivered in a courtroom defense of the Laundromat owner,  that really angered me.

The plaintiff’s obnoxious lawyer [Tommy] tries to cite a Constitutional reason why the plaintiff’ right to have a baby is protected.

The defendant’s Lawyer begins: “The Constitution guards against state action. Says what the government can’t do. It is silent on Laundromats.” 

“She entered into a contract at a private business. His business. Nobody is trying to dictate her family planning. She’s free to work someplace else and have as many kids as she wants. But  if she chooses to work at this Laundromat, these are the terms which she agreed to.”

Judge: “But there are certain liberties that even a private company is not allowed to trample.”

Lawyer: “Unless the trampling satisfies a compelling state interest.”

Judge: “Then what would be yours?”

Lawyer: “Humanity.”

“Of all the things threatening to doom our world; global warming, nuclear proliferation, BP, Tommy, the biggest threat is overpopulation. “

”Too many people.””

“We’ve got 8 billion now, by 2050 we are projected to add another billion.”

“You can drive around in your little Priuses, use the curlicue light bulbs, recycle all you want – none of it, none of it will make a dent in what we have to do.

It’s curb population.”

”Say what you want about Chinese Communist totalitarian oppressive China – did I get them all? – But their one child policy program is the most historic, most meaningful step taken by any country to improve the well-being of society.”

“And we all love to preach that every person should do his part, don’t we?”  “

Fung Lao is doing his.”

There you have it …

Progressive propaganda slipped by your normally critical brain into your subconscious. To be ratified and amplified by repetition: over and over again by other progressive news and entertainment outlets that continuously push the progressive ideology. Mocking conventional thought while highlighting the basis tenet of progressive thought: the real planetary emergency is overpopulation and the coming scarcity of resources. Therefore, the progressives need to promote, and even ramp-up, abortion, contraception and promote non-productive homosexuality.

And, if nobody has noticed, it is these progressives in the United Nation and elsewhere that seem to be ineffective when it comes to fighting disease, pestilence and wars in undesirable or hostile parts of the world. Killing millions with their ban on life-saving DDT, but not curbing their righteous  rhetoric or their self-serving fundraising efforts.

The very same progressives who seem to shrug their shoulders at the ineffectiveness of these programs – and the stolen or diverted aid money and supplies. Billions go missing while people in Haiti continue to live in the streets. Ask that “useful idiot” Sean Penn – a man who openly admires so-called progressive dictator/thugs like Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez.   

Would the world’s progressives go so far as to weaken a nation’s healthcare system or impose social policies to eliminate the weak, the unfit and the aging population? Look to history – it’s been done before.

Would the world’s progressives create a faux planetary emergency to enrich themselves and consolidate their political power? One only need to check out global warming to see the truth before your eyes.

Bottom line …

America, as never before, is facing internal enemies of our political system – the only workable system that has produced manifest results for all of humanity. To believe that we cannot improve our shelter, food, water and reduce global pollution to meet the demands of the future is ludicrous. America produces abundance, not relishes the type of  scarcity that demands to be managed by a ruling elite with their government thugs and corrupt special interests.

We are Americans and we better start paying attention to what is being taught to our children in our progressive-dominated schools, what is going out over our airwaves as innocent entertainment. I am not saying censor program content – that’s for the progressives who fear the truth and who are using our own laws against us. I am saying improve your personal awareness of the messaging that is subtlety destroying our country. 

For those of you who thing this is a left-coast, right-coast issue and that the silent majority in middle America are not affected, consider for a moment the potential election of Rahm Emanuel in the Chicago heartland. Progressive to the bone – as is his buddies Valerie Jarrett, Barack Obama, Van Jones, Cass Sunstein and others.

We are under attack from within. Open your eyes. Join those who want to restore our Constitutional Republic. Or sit idly by and suffer the same fate as those in England, France and elsewhere.

-- steve

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