Steve's Analysis of the State of the Union Speech ...

With his classic TelePrompTer head swivel, platitudes and meaningless rhetoric flow from Obama’s mouth – thus adding to global pollution.

Whenever the Obama or his fellow travelers reached an impasse or were found to be acting in ways that apparently were not acceptable to a majority of Americans, they simply redefined the words they used. Many times in an Orwellian manner that were nonsensical and made white into black, left into right and up into down.

So as we brave Obama’s meaningless platitudes, here are some interpretive guidelines to the code words being used and other thoughts ….

Investment – like the word stimulus, this means more government spending.

Investing in education – preserving the union’s pension plans and making sure that the powerful unions are pleased. Obviously, the democrats do not care about the children or they would have sacked all of the administrators and teachers who have turned in an abysmal performance. Obama claims we need to educate our children to meet the future, yet the Administration continues to assist in dumbing down the curricula, spending more on collective mediocrity than excellence.  How can you expect high expectations and high performance in classrooms when you mandate that  illegal aliens, with their illiteracy and non-English problems, to drag that class down?

While you may have respect for teachers, how can you continue to provide lifetime tenure, medical care and retirement benefits when they produce so poorly?\

The American Dream Act – allowing children as the gateway to import their relatives into citizenship. Ask yourselves, how many illegal aliens flowing through our educational system have made it to top-level jobs and positions? It’s not the piece of paper, it’s the motivation and cultural respect for education that is lacking.

Investing in infrastructure – once again this plays to the supporting the union personnel who perform the repairs and replacement of our crumbling infrastructure. Of course, union involvement only means more corruption, higher prices and long time delays – and possibly shoddy work as workers race to keep up with artificial timelines and schedules.

Investment in green jobs – we plan to continue the sham of global warming and will provide indulgences to gross polluters to continue polluting and we will continue to hand out subsidies for technology and processes which are not cost-effective, sustainable and always available. And we do not care that your bills will go up fivefold. We will pay for this by soaking the oil and coal companies.

We need to spend billions to allow 80% to go places with high-speed rail – that often goes nowhere. In California, how many people want to use high-speed rail to go from Disneyland in Anaheim to the gambling meccas of Las Vegas?

Lobbyists – lawyers, accountants and consultants rigging the system on behalf of their clients; ignoring the fact that many high-level officials in the Obama Admiration are official or unofficial lobbyists.

Review of government regulations – eliminating many older laws, rules and regulations in order to propose new ones; all generating campaign contributions from lobbyists.

The paradox – Obama claims he wants to freeze spending, cut expenses and then uses the code word “investment” that signifies more government spending. It’s like

The sham of bi-partisan seating – hides the visual representation of the large number of missing democrats and reduces the jarring reality that the Republicans do not jump up and applaud horrible democrat initiatives.

The Republican Response …

Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryan gave a credible response repudiating most of Obama’s initiatives, policies and practices in about ten minutes. If only the Republicans could follow-through on the rhetoric.

The Bachmann Response …

Minnesota Republican Michele Bachmann gave a sharper response on behalf of the Tea Party Movement. Unfortunately, it sounded like everything I have heard in the last two years from a movement without leaders, a lack of substantial resources and finances -- and with a sketchy record of performance.

However, I would have preferred Bachmann’s response to be the official position given on behalf of the Republican party – because it was specific and contained suggestions for righting the ship of state.

The media response …

Oh my, oh my – he mentioned immigration reform but didn’t mention the gay agenda and gay marriage. For the most part, the media coverage was as mediocre as the actual speechifying.

Bottom line …

Obama has lied before, so why should we trust him now that almost everything he has said in the past has been a political and practical lie. No matter what he says: employment is unacceptably high, spending has spiraled out of control, and the plans for Obamacare and Cap-and-trade are proceeding.

You cannot continue to fool the American public by changing the players or the names of the programs.

And we have heard it all before. The President’s TelePrompTer’ed speech was flat, unexceptional and filled with platitudes -- and as predictable as the Republican’s response. After ten years, same old, same old. All TelePrompTered political trash.

Obama is a man who has spent more time campaigning and vacationing than he has governing. By all measures, a rather laid-back and lazy president content to let others in his Administration and the Congress do the heavy lifting.

The single most important question is to ask if Obama is in campaign mode – another code word to excuse Obama’s blatant lies and misdirection?

But the truth is …

Capture1-24-2011-2.26.22 AM

The President has two years to prove that many far-left democrats should not be jailed for treason, promoting anti-American socialism and bankrupting our nation. And then he needs to sit with Jimmy Carter as one of the worst Presidents to ever inhabit the White House.

-- steve

P.S. The continual applause interrupting the presentation to indicate approval is annoying.

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