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Update: 25 August 2011 ... CAPTAIN REMAINS IN THE NAVY

"A panel of three admirals on Wednesday unanimously ruled that Honors committed misconduct by making the videos and demonstrated substandard performance of his duty by leadership failure and lack of proper deportment, Beth Baker, a spokeswoman for Navy Region Mid Atlantic, said in a statement. But he was allowed to stay in the service, she said."

"The proceeding were held at a naval station in Norfolk, Virginia, where Honors continues to work for the Navy, his civilian attorney Charles Gittins said. 'He's the kind of guy who wants action and who gets stuff done,' Gittins said. 'He's relieved and I think he's ready to move on to his next job.'" <Source>

Original blog entry ...

A sad end to a long and distinguished career in the service of the United States …

The Navy said today it has permanently removed Capt. Owen Honors from command of the USS Enterprise because of his role in a series of raunchy videos shown to the crew several years ago.

Honors showed "extremely poor judgment" in producing and starring in the crude comedy videos, Adm. John C. Harvey Jr., commander of U.S. Fleet Forces, said in a statement.

The captain was reassigned to an administrative role, the Navy said. <Source>

If you contemplate a career in the United States Navy to preserve, protect and defend the United States Constitution and your nation from its enemies, both foreign and domestic, here is the new, modernized Navy Recruiting Test. Please be aware that it is targeted for those who plan to actually fight our enemies or provide “hot area” support to those who are at the pointy end of the stick. There is an alternate test for staff weenies and those punching their tickets.

One:  play this video  …


Two, decide whether or not you are offended?

Three, register your decision with the Master Chief at the local Navy recruiting station.

Note: If you can imagine yourself in a combat situation or the tedious boredom preceding a battle … and think you would find this material offensive, do not joint today’s NAVY. Dedicate your time to saving the Delta Smelt and the whales, not your nation.

Bottom line …

While the United States Military is engaged in active combat, it is not the venue to implement social policies on behalf of far-left activists who have nothing but disdain for America and her military – and will do or say anything to pursue their toxic agenda.

The career of a fine naval officer has been destroyed by those who want to impose political correctness on the military and make them reflective of the mores and general sensibilities of the vocal far-left activist population of the United States. A surefire way to weaken our military and tell our enemies that we can no longer fight without a cadre of lawyers making important decisions.

For those who claim that the Captain did this to himself, just remember that this event occurred years ago … apparently seen by thousands of people and was not an issue until the far-left gays targeted the military to advance their agenda. Had he not mentioned gays – this incident would have been dead and buried in the sands of time.

And let us not forget that it was a disaffected gay private who sold out his nation to pursue his own political agenda. Let us see if the mainstream media treats that betrayal with the same intensity that they brought to bear on the Captain’s minor transgressions.

We wish Captain Honors the best of luck; fair winds and following seas.

-- steve

P.S. For those of you who are already serving, boycott XO’s movie night if you are offended -- to send a message to the XO. And leave the rest of us to enjoy the movie in politically incorrect peace.

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