GE Power Play Payback: Jeffrey Immelt named to Obama Economic Advisory Board

Californians: Here is the antidote to Rinos like Schwarzenegger and democrats like Jerry Brown ...

There is no doubt in my mind that California's marxist-dominated democrat legislature has created a nightmare worthy of the democrat-controlled federal government. Duplicating the mechanisms of the federal government to allow California to go it alone to cure hypothetical "global warming" and bringing healthcare to millions of uncovered aliens. And when they are not solving global problems at the expense of the California taxpayer-citizens, they are attempting to micromanage the California economy to the detriment of producing individuals and corporations. Therefore it is important for all Californians to view this video.

Here is an elected official with the right idea ...


Bottom line ...

Unless there are brave, conservative legislators to serve as honest brokers for "We the People," California will be doomed to another worker's paradise such as those found in Cuba and Venezuela. A Nuevo Mexico complete with oligarchs and their special interest pals.

-- steve

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