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The real national crisis: political correctness and corruption!

It appears that our nation is so polarized that even a small majority can be the tipping point in swinging an election. So it follows that most politicians, especially the type that will say or do anything to gain or maintain political office, are afraid to offend the “minorities” lest there be a measurable backlash against their candidacy.

To add insult to injury, there is the governmental bureaucracy which revels in “extreme” events that only serve to reinforce the need for their services and to enlarge their budgets. They will take action on egregious cases only when the public and the media becomes openly vexatious.

Something is wrong here in America when our politicians and government fail to protect the people from vicious minority (Black, Hispanic, Russian, Armenian, etc.) gangs and illegal aliens who are rapidly draining our resources with nary a word of opposition.

Heaven forbid some activist should accuse a politician or a government agency of being racist.

Why are we not standing up to the gangs?

The truth is that while the police dress like the military, are armed like the military, they do not have the dedication, training and discipline to function like the military within our domestic boundaries. Perhaps because they are afraid of the legal consequences of accidental collateral damage and/or the personal consequences of having unprotected family members in harm’s way? Or perhaps their leadership is corrupt and cares more for their careers than they do upholding their oaths of office?

Likewise, why are we not standing up to the illegal aliens?

We watch our politicians sit idly by as a hoard of illegal locusts devour everything in their path. Of course, they are being welcomed by both the politicians and the public employee unions whose entire reason for being is to provide goods and services, at the expense of the taxpayers, to this toxic constituency.

How does this happen on Christmas?

As reported by KABC News …

“Authorities are asking for the public's help in finding the suspects who killed a 25-year-old mother in front of her daughter on Christmas night.”

“Cashmere James was getting out of her car on 85th Street and Western Avenue in South Los Angeles when two suspects pulled up in a vehicle, shot and killed as her 3-year-old daughter sat in the back seat. The girl wasn't hurt.”

“James was arriving to her home from visiting a friend when the suspects opened fire, shooting at least nine rounds. One shot struck James in the head, killing her instantly.”

“Detectives said the young mother was an innocent victim of gang violence. They said they believe the gunmen were aiming at someone else standing on the sidewalk behind James.”

Bottom line …

We are not facing social issues with neat legislative solutions, we are facing a crisis brought upon America by a generation of politicians who are so timid and corrupt as they are unable to take a tough line and tell the truth. We need to stop minority gang violence and the onslaught of illegal aliens. Preferably by law, but by force if necessary. We need to make our neighborhoods and cities safer.

This is not something that can be cured by “gun control” but the arming and training of citizens. Citizens who recognize that the public employee unions and the police cannot be everywhere they are needed, when they are needed.

We need to stop the pacification of America to the point where armed thugs roam freely and dispense their drugs. We need to concentrate our forces on profiling the bad guys and the hell with hurt feelings if someone is accidently stopped.

We need to marshal our resources for our citizens, not the citizens of Mexico, Central America, South America, Cuba or Haiti or anywhere else in the world. We need to stop rebuilding the infrastructure of foreign nations to the benefit of their corrupt dictators.

We have enough problems in the United States and, unfortunately, not enough leadership to go around.

How a mother can be gunned down on a city street without someone in the community dropping a dime on the shooters is symptomatic of our present lack of character and leadership.

Enough with the free passes for past historical wrongs. Enough with the politically correct tolerance of those who would hurt others. And enough with politicians who talk tough while they are surrounded by a phalanx of taxpayer-paid security. Perhaps we need to return to the old west when politicians and sheriffs were unafraid to walk down the street along.

-- steve

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