The real national crisis: political correctness and corruption!
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The big lie …

All politicians claim they are against wanton spending of the taxpayer’s hard-earned dollars. Similarly, they are against government waste, fraud and abuse. They believe in a strong national defense and reducing domestic crime. They all agree that our infrastructure is crumbling and in dire need of repair or replacement. They openly acknowledge that our inner cities are decaying corpses where there is little employment and crime, corruption and chaos runs rampant.

So why is so little done if both sides agree on so much? Because they are lying through their teeth. It is all about their personal political power and the ability to retain their privileges, perks and personal profits that come with government service as an elected official. They care little about national defense and domestic policy – other than how it affects them personally.

We have never before, in the history of the United States, faced the clear and present danger of politicians willing to sell their votes and sell out our country for their own personal gain.

Personal honor and belief in God and Country is almost nonexistent in today’s political toilet bowl.

Politicians want and need conflict and stories of egregious behavior …

To justify their very existence – and if no problem exists, they will make one up.

To compare and contrast their viewpoint with that of those who want the same office and to promote their own political ideology.

For media attention – the media does not like to  report when things are going well, they like to report on the dark-side of America.

For fundraising – what would a fundraising letter be without an urgent target or situation that must be overcome?

To rally their base – without a tangible enemy, you cannot put a face on that which must be replaces, destroyed or eliminated.

To promise entitlements to those whose egregious stories makes America feel fearful, ashamed or just plain mad.

And to demonize their enemies – if one side promises good things, they are based on evil motives.

It appears that in this government you need your need enemies to survive.

Bi-partisanship: the race to screw the American citizen/taxpayer …

In  most cases, bi-partisanship is a “quid pro quo” (this for that) horse-trade – not a compromise, but a workable deal. Most famously, we will allow your side to claim credit for preserving the tax breaks, but we want an extension of our unemployment entitlement and pork-barrel spending. Both sides appearing to win – but, truth-be-known, the loser is the American citizen/taxpayer.

Bottom line …

As we rapidly approach the end of 2010, we must think about what we want for the coming year. Which politicians will serve “We the People” as “honest brokers” and which are likely to be race-baiters and hyper-partisans that do not bode well for all Americans.

It is now time to decide what your America should look like. An oligarchy like Mexico? A worker’s paradise like Cuba or Venezuela? A socialist democracy rules by corrupt politicians and unions like France?

What do you want for your children?

And most of all, do you want to continue to create special classes of people, the bureaucrats and their public employee unions, who are guaranteed a job for life and lifetime benefits which exceed those available to ordinary people in the private sector?

There is much to think about … and little time to actually ponder the consequences of your next vote and next action. Now is the time to consider what America you want to live in – and how much you are willing to pay for the privilege.

-- steve

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