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Our nation is doomed if so-called "educated" people continue to think that our Constitution is just a piece of paper

I cannot believe, for one moment, that Ezra Klein, a college-educated, intelligent Washington Post writer would ever say something so unbelievable as this …

unless he was truly ignorant, corrupt and pandering to his liberal audience.

Bottom line …

Apparently someone who does not understand and respect the United States Constitution will not preserve, protect and defend the Constitution or America from its enemies, foreign and domestic. In this case, one must wonder whether or not we are dealing with ignorance or the promotion of a progressive political ideology which somehow is created by the intelligentsia and administered by thugs.

Are learned men so stupid as to believe that once they design the system, an armed thuggery will not impose their own totalitarian scheme of perpetual power and re-establish a common monarchy consisting of their leadership and the corruption that comes from needing supporters and special interests to maintain power?

And that these well-bred and intelligent “girly-men” will simply go along to get along to avoid the “unpleasantness” required to maintain their individual God-given rights. Such is the power of appeasement and concession, leading to the destruction of the greatest nation the world has even seen.

As the New Year approaches, consider a single question carefully. Do you want to live in perpetual servitude to a political class and its bureaucracy – at the expense of providing for yourself and your family?

-- steve

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