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I am constantly amazed at the hypocrisy of AARP … allegedly a voice for senior citizens while spending millions promoting Obamacare – knowing that part of Obamacare was to be funded with a $500 billion decrease in Medicare funding; notably gutting the Medicare Advantage program.

In my mind, they are self-serving at its leadership is slavishly kissing President Obama’s Marxist butt – even knowing that the unconstitutional Obamacare is among the worst things the government has ever perpetrated on its citizens.

Here AARP’s latest communiqué self-congratulatory from the bunker …

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AARP members won a great victory last week. The President signed bipartisan legislation that stopped a drastic pay cut to doctors who see Medicare patients.

When the pay cut was looming, AARP heard from many members who were concerned that their doctors would stop seeing Medicare patients if the pay cut went into effect. So AARP took on the challenge of getting Congress to act on this issue.

If Congress had failed to act, Medicare doctors would have received a 25% pay cut starting in January 2011. Many seniors could have lost their doctors as a result. But AARP fought to stop the cut – so seniors can continue to see the doctors they trust in 2011.

STEPHEN, working to protect our members’ well-being is at the heart of what we do.

Renew or extend your AARP membership today and help us continue our efforts to enhance the quality of life of older Americans.


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A. Barry Rand


Continue our efforts to enhance the quality of life of older Americans?

Perhaps they can explain to me why Obamacare mandates the use of special boards and panels to determine the “best practices” which work for the great majority of people and plan to limit or deny care to those outside of the so-called “norms?”  Offering them palliative care which eases their suffering rather than curing their condition?

Do you want your medical care based on statistical norms?

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And perhaps they can tell me how AARP refuses to hold the Obama Administration responsible for continuing to allow  Medicare waste, fraud and abuse to cost the American taxpayer’s billions of dollars while refusing to use modern computer technology to detect cheats or hiring more fraud investigators?

Why is AARP silent on the basic issue of allowing the government to outsource the control over the delivery of medical services to the insurance companies who are incentivized, with taxpayer money, to reduce costs by reducing the amount of medical care they extend to their covered premium payers? A stunning and flagrant violation of trust and a clear and present example of a major conflict of interest?

Where does AARP stand on “end of life care” which suggests that some people are better off giving up their fight for life?

The “Conflict of Interest Question” …

“Approximately seven million people have AARP branded health insurance, including drug coverage and Medigap, as of April 2007  and AARP earns more income from selling insurance to members than it does from membership dues.”

“According to Andy Rooney [yes, that Andy Rooney of 60 Minutes fame], AARP was established by insurance salesman Leonard Davis in 1958, after he met Ethel Percy Andrus.”

“According to critics, until the 1980s AARP was controlled by businessman Leonard Davis, who promoted its image as a non-profit advocate of retirees in order to sell insurance to members.

“AARP Services, Inc., founded in 1999, is a wholly owned taxable subsidiary of AARP. AARP Services manages the wide range of products and services that are offered as benefits to AARP’s 40 million members. The offers span health products, travel and leisure products, and life event services. Specific products include Medicare supplemental insurance; member discounts on rental cars, cruises, vacation packages and lodging; special offers on technology and gifts; pharmacy services; legal services; and long-term care insurance. AARP Services founded AARP Financial Incorporated, a subsidiary that manages AARP-endorsed financial products including AARP Funds. AARP Services develops new products, manages and markets products and services, and creates and maintains partnership and sponsorship relationships.” <Source>

Did you know?

  • “In an editorial column in the Los Angeles Times, critic Dale Van Atta wrote that AARP does unauthorized lobbying for its membership, and lobbies against the best interests of its membership. Van Atta says that by lobbying for the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act, AARP leaders betrayed the membership.” <Source>


  • “According to an Annenberg Public Policy Center report, critics have said AARP had a conflict of interest in supporting the Act, because AARP “derives income from the sale of health and life insurance policies,” by licensing its brand to insurance dealers such as New York Life, and would benefit financially from passage of the legislation.”  <Source>


  • “BusinessWeek magazine says that in the past questions have arisen about whether AARP's commercial interests may conflict with those of its membership, and characterizes many of the funds and insurance policies that AARP markets as providing considerably less benefit than seniors could get on their own.”  <Source>

Bottom line …

Can we believe anything the AARP is now saying about any facet of Obama’s government initiatives or actions?

Will we always wonder if they are promoting Obama over their members or deriving commercial advantage from what they advocate on behalf of seniors?

I am struggling with the answers.

-- steve


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