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Wikileaks: The real questions the government is afraid to ask …

One, how does the Administration characterize Wikileaks, Julian Assange and the alleged leaker, a disaffected gay soldier?

Is this an act of cyber-terrorism?

Is Julian Assange, a foreign national operating on foreign soil, an cyber-terrorist?

Is the alleged disaffected gay soldier a traitor to the United States?

Two, how does President Obama and Eric Holder’s Department of Justice define the Wikileaks’ affair as a legal issue?

Is the complaint against the disaffected gay soldier a matter to be addressed totally within the military using the Uniform Code of Military Justice?

Or should the complaint against the disaffected gay soldier be addressed in a U.S. Federal Court, either in Washington, D.C. or New York? Will it be criminal or civil or both?

Will the complaint against Julian Assange, personally, be an international matter or will he be responsible to some venue and legal jurisdiction?

Will the control over the Wikileaks servers be handled by an international legal entity or by the consortium that provides guidance over Internet affairs?

Three, how does one reconcile the First Amendment issue of Freedom of the Press and the publishing of Wikileaks’ materials on the domestic scene?

What to do about the New York Times which refused to publish the e-mails on Climategate claiming they were stolen, personal communications – and yet saw no problem with publishing Wikileaks’ material or other government Whistleblower or leaked military-related information in the past?

Fourth, how does the Obama Administration counter the on-going revelations in the media that our government appears just as venal, corrupt, ignorant and self-serving as the rest of the world?

Especially when the Obama Administration has stressed political correctness, multiculturalism, moral equivalency and non-judgmental proclamations in supporting their political agenda? 

Fifth, is the rather inexperienced and sometimes incompetent President and his Administration going to take action to prevent such an occurance from happening again?

Or is Obama and his minions going to continue to dither until the matter is a non-issue?

Bottom line …

Considering that the Obama Administration appears to be extremely reluctant to mention the words terrorism and terrorist, especially in the context of Muslim terrorism and Muslim terrorists, it appears that the Administration is struggling for a politically correct way to characterize what is happening with Wikileaks.

But Wikileaks may be a blessing in disguise. Clearing the air among our friends, allies and even our enemies. Forcing the Obama Administration to recognize that good and evil does exist in the world and chart a course that clearly defines American political behavior. To allow us to treat those who give public lip service to U.S. foreign policy far harsher when we know that they are working against the best interest of America and its citizens.

Wikileaks should also serve that the Ivy League is disproportionately represented in the diplomatic service and that may of the diplomatic leaks seem to reveal that there is a smarmy class of Ivy Leaguers still writing school papers as if they were seeking a grade from a learned professor.

But my major concern is that the dribbling of Wikileaks’ material will serve to obfuscate the lame-duck actions of the democrat-Congress and the ongoing far-left policies of the Obama Administration.

Considering the reaction of the media, one can assume that the far-left is extremely pleased with the Wikileaks’ events – just as clearly and hypocritically they were displeased with the ongoing leaked revelations leading to climategate.

Feel free to add your own questions to this list. But, when all is said and done, whatever happens is the responsibility of a single disaffected gay individual – and perhaps a few cohorts – and there is little or nothing which can be done to stem the tide of disclosures on the international stage.

-- steve

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