Washington's Dirty Little Secret


I am thankful for my health, my family, my friends and to be able to live in the greatest, most productive and compassionate country in the history of mankind. – steve

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As you contemplate the significance of Thanksgiving, be thankful that there are patriots in our nation who are willing to sacrifice their lives to keep our nation free and to insure that our governing documents: the Declaration of independence which codifies our God-given rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” and our Constitution which limits the powers of the federal government, remain our guiding light.

Recall also that there are those who, knowingly or unwittingly, pursue a path of evil for their personal, professional or political benefit. Those who believe in Marxism and Communism which replaces a moral belief system and individual self-reliance with Godless devotion to a collectivist state ruled by those who, by military or financial might, proclaim themselves to be the “ruling elite.”   People who are so evil, that they have already condemned millions of people to a long, torturous death with their public policies based on nothing more than the idea that we must control our populations lest they outstrip the world’s resources. And who remain willing to sacrifice millions of others in their pursuit of a toxic political ideology.

On this day of contemplation, realize also that there is a world that may not be enjoying the comfort of your shelter, the food on your table and the companionship of family and friends. Some by choice, many by circumstance and others by virtue of the living in countries dominated by despots or denied their human rights by those who promote political or religious philosophies which preclude the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I am also thankful that there are those in the United States have come to their senses. Those who realize that the Marxists and Communists – along with their Manchurian Candidate and his fellow travelers – almost destroyed the America we know and love with their pursuit of personal, political and financial power. And that some semblance of constitutional checks and balances have been restored by voting corrupt and complacent democrats from office.

So on this day of celebration, remember there is much work to be done. To restore the freedoms we have lost, to rebuild our own nation and to extend charity, first to our own people and then to the much larger universe. There will be sacrifices ahead, but may they be of circumstances not of our making.

I am thankful for those who are reading my blog and even more thankful for those who enter into a dialogue so that we may learn from each others as we go forward in this miraculous land of opportunity, unburdened by state-imposed hardship and free to pursue our own individual desires.

-- steve

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