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Padre Hotel (Bakersfield): No respect for underage Marines in Uniform? (updated)

I believe that this issue has now been resolved to the satisfaction of all concerned. There is no need to take any further action on behalf of those who were treated in an egregious manner.

Since the owner of the hotel has made a significant investment in purchasing and refurbishing this property, let us give him the benefit of the doubt and re-consider patronizing the hotel.

The Owner/Operator's reply can be found at the bottom of the blog entry.  -- steve

Perhaps visitors to Bakersfield should remember this Los Angeles Times article when booking accommodations …

“No room at the inn for too-young Bakersfield honeymooners”

“Marine Jason Martin and his bride, Hillary, both 18, were turned away from the posh Padre Hotel because the hotel requires guests to be at least 21.”

Special day

Jason and Hillary Martin were refused a room on their wedding night because they are under 21. (Courtesy of the Martin family / November 20, 2010)

Apparently he can die for his country, but not get a room for himself and his bride. Disgusting!

See the news coverage …

Want to let them know how you feel …

Drew Hall, General Manager
The Padre Hotel
1702 18th Street
Bakersfield, California 93301

Owner ...  
Brett Miller, CEO
Padre Partners, LP
Eat, Drink and Sleep, Inc.

Read the rest of the story at the Los Angeles Times  No room at the inn for too-young Bakersfield honeymooners -

Follow-up …

Here is an example of one reader’s comments that were sent to the owner and the general manager.

UNMARRIED 18 year old people are appropriately barred and expected to be denied same
accommodations in USA hotels.

MARRIED 18 year old male and female couple are not to be denied same accommodations in
USA hotels.

Several years ago many brides and bridegrooms started married life at 18, and are now
grandparents and some great grandparents, still married. 

Whoever caused this outrage humiliating the married US Marine and wife, needs to be fired.

Your hotel standards are twisted.

Californians want everything free, but don't respect those who defend freedom, and refuse to defend USA borders.

At their choice of timeframe, offer this young couple a free 7 nights in the bridal suite with all expenses paid including food, at your hotel, with apologies for your insult.

Then publicize it to clean up your rep.

Management replies (11/23/10)


Thank you for contacting us regarding the young Marine and his bride who were turned away from the Padre Hotel last week. I appreciate hearing your perspective and I believe the Padre ownership owes you a response.

I have expressed my sincere apology to Hillary and Jason Martin.   Immediately after I was made aware of our transgression last week, I spoke directly to the bride and her mother privately but, nonetheless, I believe it's important to relay my feelings on our failure to those of you who have expressed concern over their treatment as well.

What happened at the Padre was unacceptable.  
To be clear, I personally have the utmost respect for all members of the United States Armed Forces and, as a company, we actively seek opportunities to show our support for the military. There's no question that, in this circumstance, an exception to our age restriction policy should have been made for Hillary and Jason. 

I take full responsibility for this mistake. I should have ensured that my staff was better equipped to handle this situation. You may rest assured that I have taken steps to make sure this never happens again at the Padre Hotel.

Although some have questioned our motives for denying their entry, our company has a long, well established history of supporting the Military. In fact, on the very day that you heard about this unfortunate event, we were hosting Veterans from the VA Spinal Injury Unit at another one of our locations, a monthly tradition we have enjoyed for the past five years.

When Hillary and Jason arrived at the Hotel, the manager on duty followed company policy. However, I would have preferred that he use common sense and make an exception in this case. I have worked with this manager for many years and he has always shown an extraordinary understanding of the sensitivities of customer service. I was surprised and dismayed when I heard what had happened and immediately set out to make this situation right.

Upon speaking with Hillary and her mother, I expressed my embarrassment and regret over the handling of their arrival. Unfortunately, I cannot go back in time and change what occurred. I can, however, attempt to make it up to them. In that regard, I have asked Hillary to speak with Jason and to get back to me with a way that I can make it up to them. Jason is scheduled to be back in Bakersfield in December and I look forward to making it a great homecoming for him when he returns to share Christmas with Hillary and their family.


Brett Miller
The Padre Hotel

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