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It’s beginning …

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Friend --

President Obama has made it clear: He wants Congress to deliver the DREAM Act to his desk before the year is out. 

This important step forward on immigration reform would provide a path to citizenship for undocumented youth willing to work for a college degree or serve in our armed forces -- people who are Americans in every way but their legal status.
Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle have supported this change for years -- and it would be law today if it weren't for political posturing in Washington.

The American people showed this month they were tired of the gridlock -- but right now, members of Congress are wondering if people like you are going to hold their feet to the fire.  

Stand with President Obama today -- and support the passage of the DREAM Act.

We all know that not everyone in Congress agrees on comprehensive immigration reform.
But that is exactly why we must move forward now in areas where there is broad support across the board.

President Obama has already moved ahead, toughening enforcement of the laws on the books. But that alone is not enough. This issue is too important for Congress not to act -- especially when 70 percent of voters support passing the DREAM Act and giving these hardworking youth a path forward.

It's a reform rooted in basic fairness.

Americans do not believe in punishing innocent children for their parents' actions. We believe in rewarding the folks who work hard to get an education; we believe in honoring the people who make great sacrifices to serve their country.

These are principles we take pride in -- principles that have made this nation great. And these are principles we need to stand up for today.
The President has taken a stand. Now he needs us to get his back.

Add your name to the sign-on letter and show that we will not stop fighting until the DREAM Act is sent to the President's desk.

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Thanks for your help,

Mitch Stewart, Director
Organizing for America

It’s up to you to decide whether President Obama’s idea is a DREAM or a NIGHTMARE!

Mitch mentions fairness, so I ask you: How fair is it for you to deprive yourself and your family of the efforts of your hard work to support those who have managed to enter our country illegally. Sacrifice your child’s health in an overcrowded or closed emergency room?

Like all politicians, Obama and his congressional fellow travelers believe legislation is the solution. The speak of passing laws to toughen immigration enforcement, but the truth is that they are selectively applied according to the political whims of the democrats. Our border still remains porous with crime raging in close proximity to American cities. There are parts of AMERICA which our government has told us are unsafe and we need to STAY OUT of these areas lest we encounter armed illegal aliens.

Fairness? Read further to see the exemptions, exceptions and why this bill is not fair to American citizens – even as it is being hailed in Mexico as a great step forward in THEIR political agenda: outsourcing poverty, illiteracy, disease to the United States and obtaining an immigrant revenue stream in the process.

A clear and present danger …

There is no doubt in my mind that America is facing a clear and present danger from our corrupt political system in which both parties are competing against each other to provide citizenship and entitlements to illegal aliens in return for campaign funding and voter support. Without once considering the impact of a large alien population assuming a voting role in our elections and providing a further drag on our economic recovery as they co-opt social services and benefits paid for and designed for legal American citizens.

Thanks to Ira Mehlman of FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform), we are provided with this heads up …

A DREAM Act Fact Sheet

One of More Versions Expected in Lame Duck Session


November 18, 2010

With political power slipping away from them, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi intend to use the lame duck session of Congress (which includes more than 100 defeated or retiring members) to enact a sweeping illegal alien amnesty known as the DREAM Act.

Sold as a bill to help a small number of youthful, high-achieving illegal aliens who were brought here by their parents, the DREAM Act is anything but. Below are some important facts about the DREAM Act amnesty that will be put before the lame duck Congress as early as Nov. 29.

  • About 2.1 million illegal aliens could qualify, according the pro-amnesty Migration Policy Institute. Likely fraud could drive that number even higher.
  • There is no age limit on qualification in the House bill. “Kids of all ages” will be eligible. Depending on which Senate bill is considered, the age limit is either 30 or 35 years-old.
  • People with criminal records and gang affiliations are eligible.
  • Beneficiaries would be entitled to billions in education assistance: In-state tuition subsidies, Stafford Loans, Perkins Loans, Federal Direct Stafford/Ford Loans.
  • The DREAM Act is not just for high achievers. High school dropouts can qualify by completing their GEDs and enrolling in an “institution of higher education” such as a two-year community college or a vocational school.
  • No degree is necessary. All beneficiaries have to do is complete two years of course work over an eight-year period.
  • Education requirements can be waived due to “hardship.”
  • Military service is not a requirement. Beneficiaries can go to work in other “uniformed services,” such as NOAA or the Public Health Service. Again, even these requirements can be waived due to “hardship.”
  • Applicants who are turned down for the DREAM Act amnesty can litigate their denials.
  • The DREAM Act beneficiaries would be the tip of the iceberg. In less than ten years, DREAM Act beneficiaries would be eligible to petition for legal admission of a whole range of relatives, including their parents who brought them to the U.S. illegally.
  • Applying for the DREAM Act amnesty prevents the applicant from being removed from the country. The DREAM Act bars DHS from removing “any individual who has a pending application for conditional status,” even if the applicant is ineligible for amnesty.
  • Applying for the DREAM Act amnesty effectively prevents future removal, even if the application is denied. DHS is barred from using information provided in the amnesty application against the applicant, effectively indemnifying them against future enforcement.

Bottom line …

The political corruption of the democrats and their Marxist fellow travelers, the SEIU (Service Employees International Union), ACORN and any number of other far-left organizations is once again rearing its ugly head.

The illegal aliens have already compromised our tax system, our retirement system and our healthcare delivery system with their stolen or forged documents. A major crime, especially where identity theft is involved.

This is no time to allow either political party to pander to the Hispanics. In fact, it is time to secure our borders and get our house in order before inviting even more guests to take advantage of our hospitality. We need to provide a rational, safe and cost-effective immigration reform plan.

It’s not all that hard as I have indicated before in numerous blog entries.

-- steve

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