Stealth finances: Is the U.S. Government bailing out the states and their public employees by offering China taxpayer-paid discounts on bonds? (updated)


Was it the public employees, the union support and the efforts of the special interests that pushed California into  assisted suicide using liberal democrats as the weapon?

Turning the leadership of the state over to an aging hippie Marxist whose views are decidedly anti-business and pro-Marxist liberalism? Promoting population clustering, mass transit and open arms for the illegal aliens who are loudly demanding the rights of citizens, if not citizenship itself?

Replacing the current anti-business, pro-environmentalist Attorney General with one who is more anti-business, pro-environmentalist – and who believes criminals need to be treated, not punished?

Electing the very same people who made backroom deals with the unions which resulted in unsustainable costs, reduced efficiencies, poorly educated children and work rules which virtually guaranteed a lock out of innovative people and ideas? The same people who must answer to the unions when they request that the public taxpayers bail out their unfunded pension obligations which permit public employees to live the “good life” while those in the private sector pay for their pleasures?

What the hell happened to Californians?

Are most Californians so stupid as to realize that you could shut down every industry in California, plow under every crop, kill every animal and ship all of the citizens elsewhere – and it still would not have a measurable effect on the planet’s mean global temperature?

Apparently we are not alone in our delusions. It seems that Massachusetts ignored overwhelming evidence that Barney Frank played a major role in the mortgage meltdown which triggered the current financial fiasco, yet he was re-elected. And Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski, nominated to office by her powerful daddy, was returned to office by a write-in vote.   

If taxes are raised, illegal aliens are provided with the rights of citizens and global warming initiatives are enacted, one can only think that the outflow of citizens and industry to neighboring states will increase to the point of insurrection.

Bottom line …

It appears that Californians were not suffering sufficient regulatory and fiscal pain – or the majority worked for the government – to change the corrupt and chaotic political system in California.

That the Republican Party in California was so corrupt as to let a billionaire and a millionaire neophyte attempt to mount a serious political campaign – using their money to shield them from complaints that they were full of platitudes and totally bereft of solutions.

I do not know where we are going, but it is time to reassess one’s position as a native Californian and dealing with day-to-day events.

I wish you all good luck on the bumpy journey of sacrifice and deprivation we are about to encounter as the union’s remoras and bottom-dwellers starve the life out of the California political, social and financial ec0-system.

-- Steve

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