Folks, in the midst of celebrating a few select political victories, I was struck by the overwhelming reality of the situation. Set against the nation’s economic and employment woes, here are some of the issues on my mind.

1.   Some of the most odious democrats  have been elected or reelected to office in both state and national races. Although the House will be in the hands of the Republicans and the changing of the leadership of committees; there is plenty of time for a “lame duck” Congress to wreak additional havoc on the United States. In some States, California in particular, democrats retained local and state control – something which speaks to continuing chaos, confusion and corruption.

2.   While it appears that angry Americans have somewhat repudiated Obama and his radical far-left policies, it appears that we will not know for some time whether or not Obama and the Congressional democrats will get the message to moderate and/or remediate their policies with respect to spending, Obamacare, cap-and-trade and the use of government funds to bailout private companies.

3.   Looming large on the horizon is the issue of national security. Foreign problems involving Iran, North Korea and Pakistan and domestic problems involving the threat of indigenous Muslim terrorism and the economic and social problems posed by illegal aliens and open borders.

4.   Also looming large on the horizon is the resolution of the nation’s two largest mortgage companies, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, who are associated with approximately 90% of the nation’s mortgages. Both institutions have been proven to be rife with corruption and their use as instruments of public policy by the democrats. Unless the government stops meddling in housing affairs and the real estate market is allowed to establish a true bottom, the valuation of real estate assets will continue to be suspect. 

5.   Not to forget trade issues with our foreign trading partners, specifically China. There is also clear evidence that the democrats will continue their policy of ignoring the prudent promotion of nuclear energy to achieve energy independence and their insistence on “green” energy sources that are not stable and cost-effective. All based on highly-manipulated pseudo-science. 

6.   Of course, politicians who believe that the answer to all problems is governmental intervention with legislation and the increasing federal criminalization of state issues, must repeal large amounts of existing legislation and reduce the number and complexity of proposed laws, rules and regulations. No more unread 2000+ page bills.

7.   The White House must refrain from doing an end-run around Congress using Administrative rules and unaccountable czars to promote their political agenda. 

8.   The night’s results were tempered by the inability of the Republicans to put forth a conservative narrative that provided both clear leadership and a pro-American agenda. Instead they seemed to go with the flow and let the dissatisfaction with Obama and the dysfunctional one-party-rule Congress become the narrative.

9.   The mainstream media still appears to continue sacrificing their journalistic integrity and ethics to put forward a biased viewpoint in their news and commentary.

So pardon me while I do not consider this election a historic expression of the people’s will. Even factoring in all of the procedural election problems and the maneuvering of the unions, the people’s voice remained somewhat weaker than was originally projected by the pundits. 

Bottom line …

There were clear winners and a clear loser. The winners were the political parties who survived a near-death experience and who will be plotting their come-back after they get some sleep.

And, unfortunately, the clear loser was the American public as both parties are going to concentrate on rebuilding their financial reserves by cutting even more outrageous deals with the special interests who pumped a record amount of money into the 2010 election cycle.

The fight has never been sharper.

Wall Street and the Unions will continue to fight for taxpayer assistance.

The financial institutions will continue to fight for taxpayers funding to cure technical insolvencies,  replenish their core capital reserves and work out their problematical securities and dodgy assets.

The unions will fight for legislation to grow their membership and fund underfunded or unfunded pension liabilities.

Educational institutions and scientists will fight to continue on the global warming money-train.

And the havoc wreaked by the actions of public employee unions on our nations is likely to remain unabated.

The real fight in the next two years will come in the form of redistricting; arranging the state’s political boundaries to conform to the 2010 census results which can upset the lines of power and Congressional representations.

It is expected that Obama will address the nation and call for the end of partisanship in a Rodney “Can’t we all get along” moment. Ignoring, of course, the lack of partisanship in the democrat’s administration of the stimulus, the creation of Obamacare and the formulation to create cap-and-trade legislation.

Look for higher medical insurance premiums and denials, delays and deaths caused by Obamacare as the government forces the medical industry to treat senior citizens with one eye on medicine and one eye on cost containment.

I must apologize for my cynicism and negativity, I am afraid both parties will start their maneuvering for the 2012 election cycle and the American public will remain an afterthought. And the corrupt mainstream media will continue to cover-up the flaws of the political class who directly affects their future viability and profitability.

The brightest point of light is that the wisdom of our forefathers created a political system which can withstand temporary setbacks and mistakes – with the next opportunity to redress our grievances being in 2012.

So, even in the face of continued political polarization and economic woes,  in the words of a Californian – I am sorry to harsh your mellow.

-- steve

P.S. But it could get worse: let us not forget that, today November 3rd, 2010, the Federal Reserve will probably continue their “quantitative easing” program by buying approximately 1/2-TRILLION dollars worth of bonds; thus increasing the possibility of inflation and its flip-side, a decline in the dollar.  

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