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10-21-10 UPDATE(01): Texas National Guardsman shot dead in Mexico

"The deaths of the two men came as drug cartels fought gunbattles with the Mexican Army  in several parts of the northern border region, including residential areas, on Wednesday. Parents rushed to take their children out of school to safety while factories forced some workers to stay inside for their own safety and told others not to come to work."

Original Blog Entry ...

Forget the talking points about the need for a comprehensive immigration program in the United States, there is a much more serious problem happening South of the Mexican Border.

Mexico: long known for the duality of its nature: a gracious people living in a dysfunctional country that exhibits all of the characteristics of a fascist/Marxist government beholden to the wealthy land owners, industrialists and the drugistas, now presents a clear and present danger to America.  A land whose drug-fueled wars are now making portions of America inhabitable, with legal residents of the United States afraid to travel in certain areas which seem to be effectively controlled by Mexican drug cartels.

How serious is the problem?

One of the most well-respected private/public intelligence services in the United States, Stratfor, has reported that more than 9,100 murders from cartel violence have occured. This is more than the combined losses of coalitions forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

… Two of the American citizens murdered in Mexico in 2010 were Lesley Enriquez, an employee of the U.S. consulate in Juarez, and her husband, Arthur Redelfs, a detention officer at the El Paso County Jail. Still, with more than 9,100 murders from cartel violence to date this year in Mexico, the 54 American murder victims comprise only a small percentage of the overall body count. Because of this, some of our contacts in the Mexican government are having a hard time understanding why the Hartley murder has elicited such an intense media reaction in the United States, which in turn resulted in diplomatic pressure on Mexican authorities from the U.S. government. At the same time Mexico is being pressured by the U.S. government about the death of one American citizen, it is also are trying to come to grips with the fact that the lead Mexican investigator in the case was kidnapped and beheaded. This turn of events provides a fairly good illustration of the security environment in Mexico today.

To read the full report: The Falcon Lake Murder and Mexico's Drug Wars

Why is this being overlooked by the American authorities …

Plain and simple answer, our politicians have become increasingly corrupt and seemingly willing to pander to the special interests who fund their campaigns, pay for independent advertising and turn out voter support.

Much of this political support comes from public employee unions which require an increasing population of illegal aliens or criminals to justify their existence in society. From the viewpoint of law enforcement, professionals do not want to eradicate crime, they want to keep criminal activity at the tipping point: enough crime to make the public fund their ever-increasing budgets and less crime that would result in a public uprising that would result in the loss of their jobs due to corruption, malfeasance and incompetence.

We can no longer trust many of today’s politicians to uphold their oath of office requiring upholding and protecting the Constitution of the United States and their prime mandate to keep Americans safe from its enemies, both foreign and domestic.

People like Janet Napolitano, herself a former border-state governor, openly lies to the people of the United States; telling them that the border situation is under control and that we are as safe or safer before the Obama Administration took office. Which is demonstrably false as the Border Patrol and ICE constantly change their internal rules, regulations and methods of statistical report preparation.

John “Judas” McCain …

Among those whom I consider the most corrupt are John McCain and his best friend forever, Lindsey Graham. Both squishy politicians apparently willing to do or say anything to remain in office. Talking tough when required, but doing little or nothing to follow-through on their promises to protect the American people from violence. The men that, along with ultra-liberals like Teddy Kennedy, tried to force Americans to accept up to 20 MILLION illegal aliens as citizens of the United States without really closing the border to an outflow of illegals which would have decimated our finances and forever changed the “American” culture of the United States over time.

It is an outrage when I see Sheriff Joe Arpaio investigated by the United States Department of Justice for doing the job of the federal government to protect the citizens of his county. That’s what he was elected to do and that’s what he does. Maybe in controversial ways which attract media attention – but apparently legal ways as the Justice Department has devoted a significant amount of their resources to attempt to prove him guilty of some crime – preferably mistreating an illegal alien.

At one time McCain was a well-respected war hero for surviving the rigors of a Viet Nam prison camp. Folks, that was a long time ago. And while, McCain should be honored for his service to his country, what happened years ago means little or nothing in today’s hyper-partisan environment.

The media is fond of portraying McCain as a tough-talker “Build those damn fences” as if getting mad and swearing for the media attention was enough to protect Americans. It’s not enough -- and liberal aisle-hoppers like John McCain should not be allowed to lull the American public to confuse media motion with true enforcement action.

In more gentle times I would have said “let McCain live out his life as a gentlemen Senator.” But we cannot afford that luxury today. He must be defeated and replaced with someone who takes the protection of America seriously, not in the past, NOW! McCain, in my opinion, is nothing more than a “Judas Goat” leading America to slaughter at the hands of Mexican illegals. And no amount of past heroism will prevent me from condemning the man and his dangerous position.

Once in office, I believe McCain will do the very same thing that politicians have done over the last ten years – ignore the problem as they concentrate on raising funds for the next electoral challenge. We need to break the system and the cycle – starting with people like John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

Bottom Line

It is time we defended America from ALL her enemies, both foreign and domestic. If the Mexico situation begins to fester when and if California legalizes Marijuana, there will be no stopping the drug cartels from invading California and wreaking havoc on innocent American citizens.

We need a strong two-system border fence. We need a strong Border Patrol without undue influence by political concerns. And we need Americans in Congress to fight for legal Americans – not pandering to illegal immigrants who bring more poverty, illiteracy, crime and disease into our nation – sapping our local and state resources so that legal Americans are denied care at local facilities or are unable to access the social protection nets that were paid for by Americans and designed to protect Americans.

Call me a racist, a bigot or anything else you wish. The fact remains, our nation is being severely weakened by those leftists and liberals who want to destroy America, aided and abetted by the fellow travelers such as John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

Therefore, I urge all those who support John McCain to reconsider your vote. The safety of you, your family and your neighbors depend on keeping McCain from weakening the border protections of the United States once he returns to office.

-- steve

Reference Links …

The Falcon Lake Murder and Mexico's Drug Wars | STRATFOR

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