Jon Stewart -- Stephen Colbert Rally: The Joke's On YOU!

Let’s face it: our country is in trouble. Our economy is damaged. Unemployment is skyrocketing. Corrupt politicians are pandering to illegal aliens and promoting Marxist policies.

Among the tumult is a pair of leftist clowns who decide to hold a rally in the shadow of the Capitol within days from an historic election that will decide whether or not the government has the right to run your life or even if you have a right to preserve your own life in a cost-contained government-run healthcare system.

Truth-be-told, the sole purpose of these two clowns is to distract the voting public from the corruption, incompetence and malfeasance of the democrats. To play upon America’s preoccupation with celebrity in order to avoid discussing serious and life-threatening issues.

Folks, politics is not funny and neither are the tactics of Colbert and Stewart as they distract you from learning the truth about democrats. Every second the media gives to these clowns is a second where the truth is being shunted aside.

In this election, you are voting on serious issues which cannot be swept under the rug by two hyper-partisan clowns who only feign fairness, balance and spoof the news. They are not the journalists the play on-air, they are paid performers whose audience wants to be entertained. Most of the information contained within their program is shaped for getting laughs and often does not represent reality.

You think the rally is funny, consider these items.

Never in the history of America have we had such a corrupt and malevolent government that panders to the special interests rather than do the bidding of “We the People.”

The government has spent billions of dollars in stimulus payments with little or no economic results. Most of the jobs that were created were government jobs of an expanding and increasingly expensive bureaucracy. They even invented a new category of “jobs saved” to hide the fact that they were using money from the private sector to continue paying the public sector during tough economic times. Much of this money went to left-wing organizations and union-associated organizations as payback for political support.

We have a healthcare system which added complexity, bureaucracy  and 20+ million people to the system without increasing the number of physicians, facilities, diagnostic equipment and medical devices. Which demands that your treatment be denied, delayed or conditioned on a formula to determine whether you should live or die. A health system created in the back room; written by Marxist foundations and modified to suit the needs of the special interests. Bottom line: your taxes are going up, your healthcare premiums are going up; your healthcare options are severely reduced and your future is wildly uncertain. The cut $500 billion out of Medicare to fund this monstrosity (One-half TRILLION dollars) and screwed senior citizens everywhere. With no real efforts to control waste, fraud, corruption and inefficiencies.

We find that the democrats are pushing cap-and-trade which will control energy production and consumption. Again, you are being forced to conserve with constantly higher prices.

They gave a large portion of the automobile industry to the unions – ignoring the rule of law which places secured creditors before payments to unsecured creditors such as the unions. They nationalized part of the banking industry, taking total control over student loans.

And now they are implementing financial regulations which do not fullfill their intended purpose. They told us they would control the organizations that were too big to fail – while they pumped billions of dollars into making these organizations ever bigger and more important to our economy. They are continuing to hide the truth about our banks: many of which are technically insolvent and being propped up with federal loans and the manipulation of their balance sheets.

We are being screwed over by the democrats in our government and the media is covering two clowns designed to distract you from the real horror that is our one-party-rule government.

Bottom line …

Forget the media and forget the clowns, vote to restore constitutional checks and balances to our government. Vote the democrats out of office and start on the road to reclaiming our government from our dishonest government and the special interests, both foreign and domestic, they pander to.

It has never been more important. Your life, the lives of your children, your neighbors and your country is on the line. You know the difference between good and evil, right and wrong, honest and dishonest – so do the right thing.

-- steve

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