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Election 2010: What does the Los Angeles Times think?

What does the left-leaning Los Angeles Times think about the 2010 election and where do they go wrong …

Times endorsements

The editorial board's recommendations for the November election.

Governor: Jerry Brown

To a state desperate for leadership, he brings the seen-it-all-before wisdom of a political veteran.

I agree! Jerry Brown has seen it all because he created it. He is the one who brought the public employee unions to power and whose actions are threatening to bankrupt California as well as its individual counties and municipalities. He is the one who diverted funds from repairing and replacing our infrastructure in favor of social programs – and now pandering to illegal aliens. He is the one who decimated our freeway system to force us out of cars into Soviet-style high-rise apartments.

Therefore, I strongly urge you to vote for Meg Whitman.

Lieutenant governor: Gavin Newsom

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom gets the nod because he is most prepared to be governor if the need arises.

Here is a man who kept San Francisco as a sanctuary city and a haven for illegal aliens.

Here is a man who shipped illegal alien gang members to Southern California to avoid deportation without telling the authorities.

Here is a man who was responsible for the deaths of a father and two sons at the hands of an illegal alien who should have been in jail or deported.

And here is a man who does not honor the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman.

I urge you to vote for another candidate.

Secretary of state: Debra Bowen

Given four more years on the job, the incumbent Bowen could bring several important modernization efforts to fruition.

Debra Bowen has just been caught in a "dirty trick" to aid the democrats. She does not deserve to be re-elected. http://blogs.sacbee.com/capitolalertlatest/2010/11/crp-files-complaint-against-ma.html

Controller: John Chiang

The incumbent's generally good performance during the last four budget meltdowns makes him the best choice again.

This is the drama queen bozo who is always shouting about keeping more tax money and paying vendors and taxpayers with IOU’s. I urge you to vote for the Republican candidate, Tony Strickland.

Treasurer: Bill Lockyer

California has been well served with Lockyer as state treasurer and would be well served by keeping him in the post for another four years.

Considering all of the financial shenanigans in papering over an ever-changing budget, there is no way I would return Bill Lockyer to office. I urge you to vote for Mimi Walters.

Attorney general: Steve Cooley

L.A.'s district attorney is a true centrist with proven managerial skills. The Republican is the pick over a strong Democratic rival, Kamala Harris.

I totally agree. Kamala Harris is against the death penalty and the punishment of hard-core criminals, believing it is better to rehabilitate and release rather than deter further crime from career criminals. Vote for Steve Cooley.

Insurance commissioner: Dave Jones

His expertise is needed for the successful implementation of healthcare reform in the state.

This is an extremely important position should we implement Obamacare and insurance reform. The position is too important to leave this position into a partisan radical activist. I strongly urge you to vote for Mike Villines.

U.S. Senate: Barbara Boxer

The contrast between the Democratic U.S. senator and her Republican challenger, Carly Fiorina, couldn't be starker.

This is a no-brainer. Who in their right mind would return a vain, stupid and do-nothing Pelosi-style hyper-partisan to the Senate. There is no doubt in my mind that we need change in the Senate and that change begins with Carly Fiorina.

Proposition 19: No

The marijuana legalization measure is poorly thought out, badly crafted and replete with loopholes and contradictions.

I agree and for this reason I urge a NO vote.

Proposition 20: Yes

Democrats prosper by drawing themselves solidly Democratic seats, and Republicans benefit equally by lines drawn to protect their elected officials. It's time to undo this system, so yes on Prop. 20.

I agree and for this reason I urge a YES vote.

Proposition 21: No

Yes, California's parks need the money. But so do many programs. Proposition 21's special tax to help the parks would just further tie the Legislature's hands on budget matters.

This is the beginning of a car tax to support social programs that favor the unions –- and the money does not go to improve transportation within the state of California. If passed, this will be the first of many such taxes. I strongly urge a NO vote on this issue.

Proposition 22: No

The ballot measure would bar the state from diverting certain types of local revenue. It's not the right solution.

I disagree and for this reason I urge a YES vote. This would allow the State to raid local funds to paper-over the budget deficit and would require an increase in local taxes to make up the difference. This is nothing more than a grab on local property and fuel taxes. Vote: YES

Proposition 23: No

Suspending California's global warming law would take the state, and the country, in the wrong direction.

Are they kidding. This single measure would bankrupt the State of California and drive individuals and business from our State. It is crazy to believe that California alone can affect the global mean temperature of the Earth. I strongly urge a YES vote.

Proposition 24: No

Proponents argue that the tax breaks it seeks to repeal will do little to create jobs and that they were sneaked into the budget to avoid public scrutiny. But the initiative process is the wrong way to address those complaints.

I agree and for this reason I urge a NO vote.

Proposition 25: Yes

Proposition 25 would help ease the budget gridlock and deserves passage.

This is a naked power grab by the democrats to reduce the requirements to pass taxes from its current 2/3rds majority to a simple majority. The legislature could act unilaterally and do anything they want under this proposal. I strongly urge a NO vote.

Proposition 26: No

Proposition 26's attack on business fees is wrong; it should be defeated.

The legislators avoid accountability when labeling a tax as a fee, This proposition would require the same 2/3rds majority vote on certain fees as well as taxes. I strongly urge a YES vote.

Proposition 27: No

Democrats prosper by drawing themselves solidly Democratic seats, and Republicans benefit equally by lines drawn to protect their elected officials. It's time to undo this system, so vote no on Prop. 27.

I agree and for this reason I urge a NO vote.

Bottom line …

Notice how the Los Angeles Times characterizes the issues unlike my voter guide (links below) which explain the proposition and what a YES and NO vote actually means.

We need to stop the democrat’s one-party rule which has nearly bankrupted California. We need to return transparency and accountability back into the government.

It is our state and it is time we took it back from the democrats and their fellow travelers who have brought us to the brink of economic and social disaster.

-- steve

Here is my voting guide to my positions and which contains both sides of the issue.

Elected Officials …


Proposition Recap …


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