Once again, another chance to talk back to the democrats who are destroying American and punishing American citizens ….

Organizing for America

Friend --

Our opponents think they have this election in the bank.

While you all are reaching out and talking to 7 million voters one on one, they're getting $7 million checks from billionaires and special interests to fund attack ads.

Like George Soros, David Geffen and other democrat-supporting billionaires do not contribute to the democrat party. shows that the democrats have raised $782,214,018 whereas the republicans have raised $514,624,579.

And let’s not forget the hundreds of millions coming from hard-working union members who have little or no say in how their leadership spends their money.

That is all you need to know about the choice in this election. 

We're in a battle for the future of this county -- a battle between corporate special interests and hard-working Americans.

Yes, there is a battle for the future of this nation. Do you want a totalitarian Marxist regime which believes in a ruling elite and unexceptional population units (people) to be managed for the good of the planet – or do you want the exceptional America we know and love; where individuals are free to achieve almost anything and to be the best person they can be?

The democrats choose Marxism and are wildly spending our nation into bankruptcy and promoting a collapse of our capitalist system so they can impose their values on America.

This is a battle – funded by the unions and democrat special interests, such as Wall Street, who have looted our nation’s treasury and now want more.

This is a battle to preserve your life because under Obamacare there will be nothing but denials, delay and death.

And if we want that future to be written by us -- not by a handful of anonymous billionaires -- I need you to do all you can over the next five days. 

I'm asking you to make a donation today because our organizers need critical support right now. And, today, what you give will go twice as far because Organizing for America is matching every grassroots donation with that of another supporter.

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Please donate $3 or more today to help win this fight.

We always knew this was going to be tough. People are still hurting, still frustrated.

And it's no wonder: For a decade, Republican policies decimated the middle class in favor of the wealthy.

The democrats have done more damage and spent more money in the last two years than was spent by the republicans in the last two decades. Between democrats in Congress and the Presidency, the czars and special interests have created a shadow government which circumvents public scrutiny and is wildly out-of-control.

Yes, the republicans did spend money foolishly – but they did not add TRILLIONS of dollars to the debt.   

They broke the bargain -- the bargain that says government should help people do what they can't do for themselves, the bargain that says in America, we all deserve a fair shot.

Yes, we all deserve a fair shot – the opportunity to thrive – which is not the way the democrats see it. The don’t want the American way featuring equality of opportunity, they want the democrat/Marxist way featuring equality of outcome where the state tells you where to live, where to work, how much you can make and who to vote for.

The bargain was for a safety-net to help people get back on their feet. Not an entitlement program which gives them almost two years to find a job and which is being abused by those who see the government payments as “vacation pay” -- and that they will start looking for employment when the money runs out.

America has been a land of individualism and growth, not a nanny state with entitlement programs and decay. 

They let our infrastructure crumble while Wall Street ran wild. They gave billions of dollars in tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires without paying for them

Speaking of infrastructure, why do the democrats insist on union labor which makes the repair or replacement of our critical infrastructure billions of dollars more expensive and delays the process by years? Why do we need to unionize government workers when they clearly work for us, “we the people,” and seem to be clearly connected with waste, fraud and corruption?

What a bold-faced lie: “billions of dollars in tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires without paying for them?” The truth is: it’s our money. They collected less of our money to be spent on their self-serving projects. Pay for tax cuts – how do you pay for tax cuts when it is not your money – this is sheer nonsense whipped up by dishonest, corrupt, unethical and self-serving democrats. You can’t pay for tax cuts any more than you can pay yourself for not spending your own money in the grocery store. 

And now they want to drag us back to that exact same agenda.

First, it is impossible to go back to that exact same agenda because times have changed radically. The reality then is not the reality now.

And second, returning to a time when Marxism was not being openly promoted by the President, his czars, his fellow travelers and the Congress sound good to me. A time when the government did not own or control the major institutions of America. A time when we could buy the light-bulb or toilet of our choice. A time of American achievement and world respect.

Their special-interest friends who would benefit from these policies are backing them up and funneling tens of millions of dollars into outside groups running partisan attack ads.

How can the democrats even say this with a straight face when the situation so clearly refers to the unions and people like George Soros?

There have always been special interests on both sides of the aisle. To pretend differently is both dishonest and apparently democrat.

We don't know what kind of impact these groups may have.

Yes we do – they are disruptive, misleading or outright dishonest.

But I know we can't quit.  

Damn straight Skippy – we can’t quit and surrender to the democrats who want to destroy our country, the America we love.

We can't quit because we're winning important battles to protect middle-class families.

We can't quit because we passed historic changes to Wall Street oversight, health care, and student loans.  

You need to quit – because your policies have damaged America, almost irreparably and brought us to the brink of bankruptcy. 

I know we can do this -- you crashed through our goal of 3 million grassroots donations, and you're on pace to reach out to 30 million voters across the country this fall.

That's incredible.

But we're not there yet, and we're going to have to fight right up to the last minute -- the way we always do -- with grassroots supporters giving what they can to get our message out.

Our organizers need resources to get voters to the polls, support our volunteers, and talk to more voters on the phones.

Please donate $3 or more today:

<link removed in disgust>  

With five days to go, the outcome is in our hands -- and right now I'm counting on you to fight for it. 

It’s in your hands: you can vote for the corrupt democrats like Obama, Pelosi and Reid or vote to restore our America to the America we know and love. 

Thanks for all you do, 

Joe Biden

Bottom line …

This money will never be spent on this election, it is money being collected for the 2012 election bid of Barack Obama and the democrats.

And it is now all up to you, my fellow citizens. Do you want a Marxist nanny state which uses pseudo- science to tell you which toilet or light bulb to buy – which takes your hard-earned money and “re-distributes” it to a socialist government across the world?

Do you want to save America? If so, vote these Marxists out of office.

-- steve

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