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The Joke that is Congressional Inquiry ...

The recent debacle of Stephen Colbert testifying “in character” on the subject of immigration reform was nothing but a joke on the American public perpetrated by committee democrats eager for media face time.

The joke that should have never been …

Dishonest and disrespectful …

Unfortunately, it backfired as Colbert’s character was both dishonest and disrespectful to members of Congress, and by extension, the people of the United States.  But it did have unintended consequences.

What is wrong with this picture? 

It started me thinking about the dishonesty and disingenuous behavior of committee members and those who testify before them.

Committee members who offer their own opinions as fact, woven into long and difficult to answer questions. Not that the person testifying is really listening as they make their own points and try to avoid shaming themselves or saying anything which could be used as an admission of guilt in a court of law.

I have been following a number of investigations, especially those on environmental issues, which are greatly disturbing.

First, in the manner of selecting witnesses to testify and in the order in which they offer their testimony. By pre-selecting key witnesses and omitting others, the entire process is subject to dishonest manipulation.

Second, in the manner in which they are treated by the members of the committee. Sometimes fawning and obsequious, other times openly hostile and abusive. The obvious difference between members of opposing parties, each with their pre-ordained agendas makes a mockery out of the fact-finding process.

Third, the manner in which the witnesses are allowed to simply offer prepared statements for the record and then engage in a stage-managed question-and-answer session which yields little or nothing by way of summary or useful conclusions.

Fourth, the limited time frames in which to explain and discuss complex and scientific issues.

Fifth, the absence of debate between the witnesses which express widely divergent viewpoints. An appearance before a Congressional committee is conducted like a trial, opening statements followed by questions from the committee – and statements made under oath which puts those who make accidental slips of the tongue in jeopardy of rising of being prosecuted for perjury or contempt of Congress.  

All being managed by a group of faceless staff members, mostly lawyers and/or political operatives, that are pursuing, not the truth but the advancement of the committee’s real legislative agenda.

The same goes for committee reports which ostensibly look like the official product of the Committee; but in reality are little more than the position of the majority or ranking parties. All written by staff to attract widespread media attention and reporter face-time.

Truth-be-told, many of the committee members are not intellectually able to follow the conversation or even able to grasp the implications of the testimony. These are the members of Congress who rely on “staff” to read their bills, formulate the questions, fashion their opinions and provide an interface to the special interests who do much of the actual research and formulate legislation.

Sometimes the arrogance of the committee members cannot even be disguised …

Or the ignorance, stupidity and racism …

Bottom line …

We need to restore checks and balances to our government. And I can’t say it enough, “we need to elect “honest brokers” to serve “we the people.”

Considering what President Obama, the Congressional democrats and the fellow travelers have brought upon our nation, it is time to remove the democrat ideologues from positions of power.

Lest anyone think these last two clips were selected at random, I assure you they were not. While they are truly representative of the egregious behavior in committee testimony, they also highlight the arrogance, stupidity and racism of California’s Senator Barbara Boxer. In my opinion, arguably one of the most stupid members of Congress.

Therefore, I ask you to elect Carly Fiorina – not because she is a Republican, not because she is a businesswoman, not because she is conservative and not because she is more qualified to represent the citizens of California. But because she would do a better job than Barbara Boxer who has not authored any significant legislation nor brought significant benefits to California. She refused to assist California farmers in one of the most fertile growing areas in the nation to maintain their water rights over a small fish – thus leading to massive unemployment and increasing the regional recession in already bad times.

Even the notably liberal San Francisco Chronicle had this to say about Boxer:

  • "Boxer, first elected in 1992, would not rate on anyone's list of most influential senators."
  • "Her most famous moments on Capitol Hill have not been ones of legislative accomplishment, but of delivering partisan shots." '
  • "There is no reason to believe that another six-year term would bring anything but more of the same uninspired representation."

So vote as if your future depended on it – because this time it really does.

-- steve

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