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The Joke that is Congressional Inquiry ...

Meg Whitman ... should be commended for employing an illegal alien?

Gloria Allred, media whore and long-term democrat activist, apparently has chosen this moment in time to try and smear Meg Whitman in her race to become California’s Governor over the man who brought public employee unions to California,  Jerry Brown.

Stunning show of hypocrisy …

One might ask if this news conference is a stunning show of hypocrisy on the part of Allred and her democrat party: when far-left liberal democrats ere forced to exploit illegal aliens for politicial purposes . Especially when these very same far-left liberal democrats normally welcome illegal aliens with open arms to our state?

See for yourself this blatant manipulation of an illegal alien …

btw: Dr. Harsh is Whitman’s neurosurgeon husband’s name.

The “WHY” is simple …

They want to avoid talking about the union activities which has decimated California’s finances.

They want to avoid talking about the plans to impose severe “cap and trade” environmental restraints on California’s businesses.

They want to avoid talking about Jerry Brown’s attempt to coerce drives from their cars and into ill-conceived and costly mass transit .

They do not want to talk about democrat corruption in the State of California.

And they certainly don’t want to talk about the highly-paid people and businesses who are leaving our formerly golden state for more friendly environments.

Measured against the tearful tale of one illegal alien, the message is clear. The democrats are desperate and willing to do or say anything to shift the attention from their mismanagement of California.

Shameless exploitation of an illegal alien …

As for Gloria Allred, one wonders why someone does not file a bar complaint for the apparent abuse and humiliation of this poor, illegal alien who is being shamelessly exploited while Allred only “claims that Diaz was not paid for all of the hours she worked, and said she would be filing a claim against Whitman.”

Gloria, what about the real crime committed by your client?

Perhaps she will also defend her client against allegations of breaking state and federal laws: filing false bank documents, filing false government documents and other such crimes. Look at the document which shows a social security number , drivers license and tax forms – government issued documents requiring an application signature under the penalty of perjury.

Meg Whitman replies …

The Bottom Line …

Politics as usual with the democrats saying or doing everything to pursue their toxic Marxist agenda.

No matter what Jerry Brown claims about Meg Whitman being a billionaire – at least she earned it and did not earn it off the public teat. She is not a captive interest of the unions like Jerry Brown.

Vote these corrupt and pathetic democrat charlatans out of office and replace them with “honest brokers” for “we the people.”

-- steve

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