Global Warming: another Orwellian name change?

Jerry Brown cannot be trusted: to serve justice or "we the people"

If this story is true, Jerry Brown is a self-serving political opportunist who will do or say anything to advance his far-left, some say Marxist, ideology.

As reported in the Los Angeles Times … 

“Jerry Brown's office accused of playing politics over freed inmate”

“An attorney for Bruce Lisker, who was released after a judge found he was convicted of murder on 'false evidence,' questions the timing of state attorney general's bid to reinstate the conviction.”

The state plans to postpone a bid to reinstate his murder conviction on a technicality.

Is justice being served when a “technicality” can send a man to prison for a crime he did not commit?

“An attorney for a man wrongly convicted of murder accused California Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown's office Thursday of waiting until after the November election to seek to return the man to prison on a technicality.

“But attorney William Genego, who represents freed inmate Bruce Lisker, said he believes the request is designed to push the controversial matter until after the election. ‘They are playing politics with an innocent man's freedom,’ Genego said.”

The case …

“Lisker, 45, was convicted of killing his mother in 1985.”

“Lisker's legal saga began March 10, 1983, when he said he found his mother badly beaten and stabbed in the family's home in Sherman Oaks and called paramedics for help.
Detectives were immediately suspicious of Lisker, a frizzy-haired 17-year-old with a history of drug abuse and fighting with his mother. His relationship with his parents had deteriorated to the point that they were paying for him to live in a nearby studio apartment.”

“Lisker's conviction was overturned when Phillips concluded that most of the evidence used to implicate him in the crime had been seriously undermined or proved false. For example, a bloody shoe print that prosecutors used to link Lisker to the killing has since been determined by the LAPD not to have been made by his shoes. Additionally, an LAPD crime analyst now says a bruise on the victim's head was an apparent shoe impression that did not match the treads of Lisker's shoes but was ‘similar in size and dimension’ to the mysterious bloody shoe print found in the house.”

“He was released from prison last year after a judge found that he was convicted on ‘false evidence’ and had been inadequately represented by his trial attorney.”

“The judge's findings mirrored those of a 2005 Times investigation that raised questions about key elements of the prosecution's case against Lisker and exposed the Los Angeles Police Department's murder investigation as sloppy and incomplete.”

Send him back to prison on a technicality?

“Earlier this month, the attorney general filed a motion asking a judge to reverse her decision to overturn Lisker's conviction because he had missed a deadline years ago by which to file his appeal.”

It is my opinion that there should be no deadline on justice. If new facts arise which shed doubt on a man’s innocence, they, at the very least, deserve a new trial. To keep a man in prison on a “technicality” is unconstitutional as it is tantamount to “cruel and unusual punishment.”

And if that asshat aging hippy political hack will not stand up for a wrongly-convicted prisoner, then he is not qualified to lead the state of California. Either as its Attorney General or as its Governor.

Political expediency?

“The attorney general's motion was criticized by some legal experts as inappropriate after The Times reported on the legal maneuver.”

“Hours after The Times posted an article about the motion on its website, a spokesman for the attorney general said the office was reviewing the matter and was considering withdrawing it.”

“On Wednesday, Deputy Atty. Gen. Robert D. Breton called one of Lisker's attorneys, seeking to continue the matter until mid-November, Genego said. He said Breton refused to say why he wanted to continue the matter, which is scheduled to be litigated Oct. 4. Genego said he would agree to continue the matter until the end of October.”

Bottom line …

Jerry Brown is a political animal who is willing to do or say anything to push his toxic leftist agenda. Even willing to torture an apparently innocent man with prison while he takes time away from the job to pursue his goal of becoming California’s governor.

This despicable behavior, once again, reinforces my distaste for Jerry Brown – the man who raises taxes, pursues nonsensical global warming prosecutions, promotes policies designed to force us out of our cars into mass transit and the man who promoted the public employee unions which threaten to bankrupt the state and re-distribute wealth from hard-working Californians to the ever growing cadre of state cubicle workers.

Vote against Jerry Brown and the democrats who have decimated our formerly golden state. Send these Marxists a message: stop spending on enlarging the government, supporting illegal aliens, writing rules and regulations that are driving businesses and productive people out of the state. Start lowering taxes and improving education.

I see Meg Whitman, who I regard as an egotistical elitist RINO (Republican In Name Only) as the only option against the democrats while we gather the necessary strength to replace her after four years with a constitutional conservative.

Don’t allow Jerry Brown to ruin more lives, vote NO on Brown.

-- steve

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