John Sarbanes: Another stooge for Marxism?

Immigration: The politician's dirty little secret ...

I was wondering why any politician or candidate would openly flout the United States’ Constitution and encourage people to violate our nation’s sovereignty.

Most claim it is out of compassion for those who are downtrodden and oppressed and suffering physically, emotionally and economically in their own countries.

But truth-be-told, it appears that both candidates and elected officials care not one whit for illegal aliens, especially those who cannot vote nor provide campaign contributions.

So being somewhat cynical, I am wont to believe that their care and concern somehow facilitates their own personal, professional or political interests.

1.  It sounds caring and compassionate to represent the underdog in American society. It makes for good stories and media coverage.

2.  Illegal aliens are “big business.” No, I do not mean as a source of cheap labor – but as a segment of our population that requires expanded government and public funding to meet their needs. All of which translates into employment for government workers on all levels: local, state and federal.

3.  And where you have public employees, you have public employee unions with a tremendous amount of money to coerce politicians to continue enlarging the size of government and pouring even more money into salaries, perks, healthcare and retirement benefits. This more than anything else appears to motivate politicians. Whether it is counting illegal aliens, providing for their healthcare or simply keeping them within the criminal justice system, it takes public employees and taxpayers’ money to accomplish the task.

4.  It attracts the support of activists, charities and the Hollywood elite  -- also good for contributions and support. Again, with media benefits.

Which brings us to the most cynical of politicians whose every move appears to be a carefully orchestrated political calculation …

Barack Obama, as the nominal leader of the democrats seems to favor some form of comprehensive immigration reform. A political palatable pathway to citizenship that will provide future benefits: voters for the democrats, members for the unions, clients for government services and cheap labor for the industries of America.

But moving from the abstract to the concrete …

By any measure, Barack Obama is the most powerful politician in America, a man growing increasingly wealthy from his politically-connected activities. A multi-millionaire, with a nice home (in Chicago, not the White House) a smart wife, great kids and a dog. All with a bright future.

So why then, does this allegedly religious man turn his back on his nearest relative? A relative who happens to be an illegal alien and consuming social services to which she is not normally entitled? A relative who believes that the United States owes her support – and, especially galling to me, citizenship.

Introducing  auntie Zeituni, in her own words … 

She is an illegal immigrant and a burden to Boston, to the State of Massachusetts and to the American taxpayer. She is unemployed, living in public housing, and collecting welfare and disability payments. She is unapologetic as she says:

“If I come as an immigrant, you have the obligation to make me a citizen.”

But the fact remains, she is not an immigrant. She is an interloper, an illegal immigrant who should have been deported long ago to her native Kenya.

According to the Associated Press … 

“Onyango came to the U.S. from Kenya in 2000 and was denied asylum by an immigration judge in 2004. She was granted asylum in May by the same judge who said she could be in danger if she returned to her homeland.”

Personally, I feel some measure of sympathy for this lady. But when she has wealthy relatives in positions of political power – and they do little or nothing to help her overcome her circumstances and leave the public dole, I am incensed.

Barack Obama claims he is a family man and this is the way he treats his family. Could the American people believe that he would treat them any differently? Obama is an egotistical narcissist who apparently believes that it is his destiny to transform the United States into something else – and from all evidence involving the stimulus, healthcare, cap-and-trade and his handling of the military and foreign affairs – it appears that something else is a socialist democracy featuring the elements of Marxism.

Of course he doesn’t life a finger to help this relative in distress. It is his way of life. The government is centralized, all-powerful and should be concerned with your welfare from the cradle to the grave. All presided over by a class of ruling elites who actively suppress individual initiative in favor of a collective society. Perhaps why they so value unions who substitute seniority for merit and achievement; not to mentioning conditioning working rules based on the so-called “norm.” 

Bottom line …

This is your future if you continue electing democrats, Marxists and communists. Working in your government-assigned job, living in public housing and using mass transit for your limited travel needs. Similar to the old Soviet Union with their corrupt government leaders, central planners and failed economy.

We need to vote the democrats out of office in November and in the 2o12/2014 election cycle. We need to take back our nation by electing “honest brokers” to serve “we the people” instead of pursuing their own self-interests and a failed political ideology.

As for Auntie Zeituni, let her live in peace – without citizenship. But the real question is: Do you want to enable 10-15 million more Auntie Zeitunis who contribute little or nothing to this once-vibrant economy except their demand for more entitlements which translates into a larger government, increased taxes and limited freedoms for the rest of the legal, law-abiding citizens. And the true immigrants who have followed the rules and have come to join us as we celebrate and grow that which is America.

-- steve

Question of the Day:  How can we, as Americans, value the citizenship that we will simply bestow on those illegal aliens who demand it?” -- steve

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