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A clear and present danger …

Never before has our nation faced a clear and present danger from enemies within our nation and, more particularly, our government. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that corrupt political parties and politicians are attempting to sell out America to the special interests, both political and financial, in return for personal short term gain and the access to the levers of power.

It is bad enough that our President appears to have little or no verifiable personal history – or is reluctant to share the facts of his earlier life with the public – and has openly installed Marxists, communists and incompetents into government service. People with a loyalty, not to the Constitution or the American people, but to their own political ideology and self-interests.

The democrat’s transformative model …

Based on nothing more than a shaky hypothesis and a heavily manipulated computer model with suspect temperature data, special interests in the United States are proposing to use legislative and executive initiatives to fundamentally regulate all energy creation and consumption in order to provide a single method for controlling the economy of the United States. A fundamental transformation of America’s current political system based on individual achievement and personal freedoms into a European Marxist political system featuring a ruling elite making decisions based on “collective” good.

The facts as determined by the Government Accountability Office …

“Carbon Trading: Current Situation and Oversight Considerations for Policymakers”

GAO-10-851R August 19, 2010


“This letter is our response to a congressional request concerning carbon trading in the United Sates and various design and implementation issues to be considered in discussions about a possible national carbon trading program. Industrial activities in the United States emit significant amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases each year, substantially affecting the earth's climate, according to the National Academy of Sciences.”

“In an effort to reduce these emissions, some have suggested capping emissions and allowing them to be traded in secondary markets just as other commodities are traded.”

Note the weasel words: possible – according to – some have suggested. 

Science aside, it appears that several prominent democrats, including the disgraced head of Fannie Mae, have considerable financial stakes in the outcome of these trading initiatives. From controlling the exchange where these commodities will be traded to profiting from the substantial commissions on trading activities.  Not to forget the government tax revenue increase from inflated energy prices. 

“We briefed congressional committee staff on the results of our work on July 23, 2010. Specifically, we provided information on (1) carbon-related products currently traded in the United States and the extent of trading; (2) risks and challenges posed by these products; (3) the extent to which and how these products are regulated; and (4) issues that market observers identified for policymaker consideration as part of creating a national cap-and-trade carbon market.”

“Various carbon products are traded in the United States, but volumes have been small compared to other commodity markets. The products traded include carbon allowances, which entitle the holder to emit a specific amount of a greenhouse gas, and carbon offsets, which are measurable reductions of greenhouse gas emissions from an activity or project in one location that are used to compensate for emissions occurring elsewhere.”

There are four basic facts that should be considered …

  1. Pollution credits may not reduce pollution in the areas where it is currently being generated. Polluters are allowed to continue their polluting ways as long as they pay an “indulgence” fee (tax) to the government and purchase government-approved pollution credits from government-sanctioned vendors.
  2. The cost of these credits will be paid by the energy company’s ratepayers and, by extension, the public at large. Even Barack Obama openly admits that energy prices in the United States will rise dramatically.
  3. In line with Obama’s Marxist theme of wealth re-distribution, money will flow from the United States into third-world countries to finance specious developments in rain forests and other non-verifiable sources of carbon credits.
  4. There is absolutely no proof that all of this artificial activity will impact our global climate, now or in the future, to any degree that rises above the natural variability of climate. Thus it is the perfect scam. The scammers will have made their money and be long dead before any deception is discovered.

Remember the derivatives designed by the Wall Street Wizards that crashed the mortgage market …

“Derivatives on carbon products are also traded in the United States, including primarily futures contracts. Although no official measure of volume of trading exists, various sources estimated that from $2.4 billion to $2.7 billion of carbon products traded in United States in 2009, with offsets accounting for around $74 million.”

“U.S. carbon trading volumes appear to have fallen sharply in 2010, with volumes of Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) allowances trading at around 15 percent of their 2009 levels as of June 2010.”

This is the same scheme which gives rise to price-destroying speculation and provides substantial insider profits to those who produce nothing, but trade paper among themselves to earn outrageous bonuses.

Can you say democrat and fraud in the same breath …

Carbon product trading poses various risks and challenges that were similar to those found in other commodity markets. For example, carbon products pose market risk, which is the exposure to losses from changes in product prices. Similarly, carbon product markets face the risk of potential manipulation and fraud.”

Perhaps no one was looking …

We all remember the fine job that the Securities and Exchange Commission did with Bernie Madoff – even though it had written complaints from credible industry experts. And considering that the nation’s hyper-politicized regulatory agencies failed to do their job, it is not unimaginable that no fraud was found where they were not looking.

“Although no fraud involving carbon products has been identified in the United States since 2001, carbon products traded in Europe have been part of several fraudulent activities, including those involving value-added tax violations.

The greatest market manipulator could be the government acting in its own self-interests or those of its “special” friends like George Soros who channel money into think tanks to influence politicians and public policy…

Carbon markets could be significantly affected by political or regulatory changes after implementation of any U.S. cap-and-trade program, but market observers noted that this risk could be mitigated by including elements in the program that increased certainty of its duration and features.”

“Under the Commodity Exchange Act (CEA) carbon emissions are considered to be an ‘exempt commodity." Before Congress amended the CEA in the recently enacted Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Dodd-Frank Act, Pub. L. No. 111-203), derivatives on exempt commodities were eligible for limited oversight by the primary U.S. commodities regulator, Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). They could be traded between qualified parties on an over-the-counter (OTC) basis generally free from CFTC regulation.”

“CFTC's authority over such trading was limited to instances in which CFTC suspected fraud or manipulation. Although typical transactions in carbon emissions qualified for OTC trading, to date market participants have traded carbon products mostly on exchanges subject to CFTC's full authority.

This mandates the use of the exchange developed by high-powered democrat interests …

“The Dodd-Frank amendments, which are not yet in effect, replaced this regime with clearing requirements and other requirements intended to increase transparency of the OTC derivatives market and reduce the potential for counterparty and systemic risk.”

Enter the loopholes …

“The amendments provide an exemption from clearing, exchange trading, and other requirements for counterparties that qualify as end users.”

If not perpetual political power, they need the money to insulate themselves from the rigors of daily living that affect all ordinary Americans …

Stupid, venal and corrupt politicians and their special interest friends are what I refer to as “limousine liberals” people who tell you how to live your lives, but you should ignore what they are doing. Their Perks and privileges of position, power and wealth that are unavailable to others come from manipulating the system, and not from fulfilling the oath of their office to protect and defend the Constitution and serve “we the people.”

Bottom Line …

This is the first time we have artificially created a commodity out of “thin air,” carbon dioxide and insured that it would have tangible value. These people are selling nothing – the absence of carbon dioxide – for big bucks.

We need to purge our government of the Marxist ideologues and profiteers who are plundering our national treasury. This means both elected officials and their sleeper cells embedded in government agencies.

It is time to realize that we are not God and cannot appreciable affect the global climate at this point in time. Perhaps never. We need to stand up and be counted. To stop this hoax which presents a clear and present danger to our lifestyle.

And it cannot be stopped by ideologues on the other side – those whose purity test will keep them from ever being elected to high office.

We need to elect our fellow citizens to office. Even with little or no experience, they know the difference between right and wrong – and certainly the difference between good and evil, freedom and tyranny.

We need to cut the size of the government, reduce their profligate spending – and if we need to use overwhelming force to keep our nation safe, so be it.

Act now before these current malevolent evildoers turn our nation into a cross between France and Mexico.


-- steve

Reference Links …

U.S. GAO - Carbon Trading: Current Situation and Oversight Considerations for Policymakers  Full Report

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