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Democrats: Congressional Political Deception?

The Chicago way -- Is this Illinois thug hovering over citizens chilling honest debate? (Updated)

There may be a problem with this story ...

According toMediate ...

"Sources familiar with the event tell Mediaite that the “thug” from the video was not “hired” by Rep. Bean, but is a library employee who was responsible for security at the event. That event wasn’t a political town hall, either, but rather, an educational forum about credit card debt. According to one source, the video doesn’t show instances of constituents asking the guy with the video to pipe down so they can hear the presentation they came to see."

"In that context, the Congresswoman and the library staff seem to have suffered these disruptions rather patiently. Constituents were notified about the forum, held August 12 at the Round Lake Area Public Library, via robocalls. Presumably, most of them showed up to get advice about credit card debt, not to hear Tea Party Activists grind axes about health care reform."

Perhaps an apology is owed to the big guy hovering over people? Anyone out there in the area know what really happened? Until we receive more information, let us assume that the video below was heavily edited to put forth an ideological viewpoint. -- steve 

Here is an example of Chicago-style thuggery …


They don’t want to answer questions. They want to stifle dissent. And they fear the public when they know they are screwing the public and pandering to special interests.

Vote these arrogant democrat bastards out of office. Restore Constitutional checks and balances to the government. Where are the liberals who would condemn this behavior if it was a Republican representative?

Who was the guy -- and does he belong to a union? SEIU?

And why was that Congressional aid talking about turning off a recorder -- this is a public meeting and no one who speaks should have an expectation of privacy when speaking before the public?

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