Union thuggery: threatening the Los Angeles Times for reporting on teacher's performance scores (updated)
The reason they call themselves democrats, liberals or progressives is because they are afraid to tell the real truth: they are socialists and communists …

Obama: Lying to America (Again)

I am outraged that the Obama organization is blatantly lying to the American Public …

The unions, the largest special interest group associated with the Obama Administration, were given preferential treatment when the government allowed the unions to place their “unsecured” claims over those of the legitimate “secured bondholders.”

Much of the stimulus money was channeled to local and state government entities to preserve jobs for public employee unions.

Obamacare featured deals with the insurance industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the medical equipment suppliers and the doctors dependent on government reimbursement rates. Not to mention that several states were rewarded for their legislator’s votes with special healthcare exemptions, carve-outs and reimbursement rates.

And I need not mention the tremendous influence of Wall Street, especially those in high government office, embodied in those associated with Goldman Sachs.

This is an Administration that has pandered to the most corrupt of the special interests (ACORN, SEIU) in return for both campaign funds and voter support. So how, in good conscience, can they request my participation by claiming that President Obama “has never let the special interests buy their way to victory?”

What they are saying …

Capture8-18-2010-2.56.14 PM 

Friend --

Powerful special interests are pledging to spend $200 million to help elect conservatives this fall.
But President Obama has advocated for a different kind of politics since he launched his campaign, and it's because of supporters like you that we've never let special interests buy their way to victory.

This November, it's the same game plan. Instead of asking for checks from PACs and lobbyists, we're counting on 3 million grassroots donations to elect strong allies for President Obama.

We need just 25,000 donations this week to be on track to meet that goal -- and are counting on 278 donations from Los Angeles.

Please donate $3 today and add your name to the By the People Fund.

Organizing for America supporters like you set this movement apart -- and together, we're changing politics.

With your help, we're going to run a real, grassroots, on-the-ground campaign to win in November -- knocking on doors, making calls, and talking to neighbors in every single state.

As we saw in 2008, no amount of special-interest money can compete with that.

Please donate $3 or more today:



Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America

Bottom line …

We need to return Constitutional checks and balances to our government as envisioned by our forefathers. We have seen what one-party far-left democrat rule has done to our nations, our states and our cities. Where the democrats are in change, chaos, corruption and crime are in the forefront.

We need to throw the democrats and their fellow travelers (like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe and their RINO ilk) out of office and replace them with conservative constitutionalists.

Tell your family, your friends, your co-workers and members of your community – we are tired of politicians pandering to the special interests and attempting to manage the few remaining resources they have turned into scarce commodities. We want growth, jobs and a return to normal and prudent lending practices.

No more wealth redistribution and affirmative action which guarantees more than an equal opportunity to those who are unwilling to exert individual effort.

No more socialist collectivism – but a return to the individualism that made our country great.

Vote as if your life depended on it – for this time it surely does.

-- steve

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