The Obamacons are trying to continue their subversion of the United States …

Just received another e-mail from Obama’s Chief Promoter, David Plouffe (Pronounced PLUFF) which urges me to join the mindless Obamacons and get out the vote.

Among the more objectionable statements are:

In 2009 and earlier this year, Organizing for America volunteers like you used the lessons learned in 2008 to win historic victories reining in Wall Street and reforming a broken health care system.”

They took a healthcare system, with its high costs and  imperfections and turned it into a snake-pit of unknown but drastically higher costs and an unknown quality of care …

  • where tremendous power is ceded to the Secretary of Health and Human Services and unelected, unvetted medical czars and other political appointees who will run panels, commissions and boards;
  • where cost-containment will triumph over individual medical care, where politicians not physicians will decide whether or not your medical care will be denied, delayed or you might be offered the option of a comfortable drug-mediated death;
  • where the 2000+ page healthcare legislation was neither read nor understood by those voting on the bill;
  • where the legislation only acts as an outline which may be subsequently modified by future corrections and amendments;
  • where special deals were made with the pharmaceutical industry, suppliers of medical equipment, insurance companies and others to silence the opposition and to raise media awareness;
  • where the cost estimates were fakes by removing significant cost items and placing them in other bills;
  • where arms were twisted and special deals and exclusions were provided to politicians who voted for the bill with the narrowest of majorities – something highly suspect if this bill was good for the citizens of the America; And
  • where the goal was building a database of information on every American citizen and being able to exert political control over them through their healthcare.

We need to protect our socialist victories and ourselves from prosecution for what we have done to the American people …

But now we need to protect those gains and keep moving America forward -- which means we've got to get back on the doors, talking to voters about how important it is to vote this fall.”

If Republicans win back control of Congress, we know what will happen: endless investigations into ginned-up controversies, non-stop attempts to repeal the progress we've made, and a complete drive to stop us from moving this country forward.”

“But we cannot go backward.”

All we have seen is higher healthcare insurance premiums …

Perhaps in order to compensate for the future increase in Obama-induced healthcare costs, the insurers have jacked up the price of healthcare premiums. Not to mention Obama’s dishonest accounting which forces four years of taxes before we even begin to see any benefits anticipated (if ever) under Obamacare.

“Health reform took a century-long fight to win. Its benefits are starting to help make sure families have the health care they deserve -- and you can bet this movement is going to protect what it's won.”

Wall Street Smoke and Mirrors …

“Wall Street reform places the strictest new regulations on banks that they've faced since the Great Depression -- no wonder the Republicans are already saying they'll fight to repeal it, to make life easier for their special-interest friends.”

Not only did they enlarge the original regulatory bureaucracy which failed to do its job the first time, the legislators ceded enormous powers to the Executive Branch. Many of these agencies have been hyper-politicized and are run by political appointees with a political agenda. These are the very same people who believe that as long as an egregious behavior is disclosed in the fine-print of the legal mumbo-jumbo, then everything is fine. Make no mistake, the truly objectionable items were watered down or, like the case of extending predatory lending oversight to the auto industry, omitted altogether by the actions of lobbyists bearing campaign cash.

And now they want to control all energy production and usage: bringing higher taxes, reduced use and mandatory conservation …

To protect what we've won and keep the change coming -- from clean-energy legislation to immigration reform to putting more Americans back to work -- we're not done.”

Bottom line …

Barack Obama was a fluke of nature: a once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity created by the overwhelming drumbeat of the media against George Bush and a confluence of socialist, Marxist, anarchists, blacks and victims who voted for Obama. The mainstream media failed to vet the candidate and his associates. Obama’s incompetence and laziness allowed a socialist-driven Congress to do the rest.

But I do agree with Plouffe on one thing:

Which is why we need to keep fighting to get folks to the polls this fall. We know -- from our own experience and research -- that nothing has more of an effect on voter behavior than real conversations.”

We need to elect “honest brokers” to serve “we the people.” The consequences of turning our government and our lives over to those who do not wish America well and want to turn us into a third-world European socialist nation must be defeated at all costs.

Our lives and those of our children demand we take action at the polls in the upcoming election. With Obamacare, your health and your life do hang in the balance.

-- steve


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