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No matter what the democrats may say, the fact is that former President Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and all of the other “good ole boys” are out of office. Never to return.

And unfortunately, we are now faced with the clear and present danger of a Socialist takeover of the United States, with a collapse of our economy and social values.

All led by the Manchurian Candidate, Barack Obama. A man about who little is really known. A man who refuses to show his birth certificate, school transcripts and passport records. All which could end a wide-ranging controversy about his legitimacy to serve as the President in a matter of moments.

What is he hiding? Why does he not respond to legitimate requests for disclosure? Why does he continually thwart the will of the people and force the passage of dangerous legislation with the slimmest of margins – and those coerced by bribes, job offers and arm-twisting?

Here in California …

Here in California we are faced with one of the “good ole boys” of the democrat party, Jerry Brown. The man who brought forth the public employee unions that are bankrupting our state. The man who stopped developing our freeways to force us to accept mass transit. Diabolically supporting diamond lanes which slow traffic as drivers need to transit four lanes of freeway to reach their destination off-ramp. A man who has failed as governor and as a mayor to repair or replace our crumbling infrastructure.

So why am I not surprised to see Jerry Brown trying that sad, tired tactic of running against George Bush in what has become an Obama era?

Capture7-17-2010-9.47.22 PM Once again the democrats are running against George Bush.

President Bush’s Administration was far from perfect: with instances of incompetence, crony capitalism, outrageous spending, loose regulatory enforcement.

But he wasn’t a Marxist and did not to take control of our economy for political purposes.

He did not openly promote socialists and communists to high political office as czars!

Bottom line …

We are in an Obama era. Where the hope and change he promised has disappeared into Chicago-style corruption. Where his incompetence and the incompetence of his fellow travelers has taken Bush’s problems and made them immeasurably worse by continuing to loot our treasury and pander to his union supporters.

I don’t particularly like or trust Meg Whitman. I believe that she is a self-serving RINO (Republican In Name Only). But I am afraid of Jerry Brown and the type of one-party democrat politics which has reduced our formerly golden state to near rubble. Where political correctness, illegal aliens, massive taxation, onerous rules and regulations has driven both citizens and industries from the state. The ONLY jobs Jerry Brown will create is government jobs – with our money.

I think Jerry Brown is of the same mind as Obama – a reformer who wants to transform our State into a Marxist paradise and assist Barack Obama in his goal of doing similarly unspeakable things to the United States.

I urge a YES vote for Meg Whitman – if for no other purpose than to stop Jerry Brown and his fellow travelers. Enough is enough. With Whitman we have a chance that her business background and outsider status might do us some good. With Jerry Brown we might as well surrender to Mexico.

Vote for Meg Whitman. Thank You.

-- steve

The face of democrat evil …

And Jerry Brown supports it all !

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