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Immigration: simple as 1-2-3

Once again, our politicians on both sides of the aisle – the corrupt democrats and their complacent republican counterparts -- appear to have made a conscious decision to ignore “we the people”  and favor the special interests when it comes to the subject of immigration.

It is not a complex issue and it doesn’t require another 2,000+ page bill laden with special interest carve-outs and unrelated pork grants which further deplete our treasury with no benefit to repairing and replacing our crumbling infrastructure.

Immigration is a simple matter …

One:  We close the borders and get control over arrivals, departures and over-stays.

Two: All non-citizens must register with the appropriate authority within 180 days, with the only exceptions being the critically ill. This is all current law, so there is no real problem. Unregistered aliens will be deported – with their families upon discovery.

Three: Everybody will get a conditional work permit pending a background check, proof of insurance and meeting other requirements such as paying a processing fee. Upon a satisfactory outcome, they will be issued a five-year renewable work permit.

This is the relief valve …

The above steps will give the United States breathing room to actually develop a better immigration policy and examine the key issue of those who do not plan to assimilate and those who use social services. Perhaps adopting Mexico’s immigration system which does not provide for anchor babies and the dilution of their population with “foreign cultures.”

Workplace enforcement is a must. Forged or stolen papers will be treated as a crime and the subject instantly deported after serving time for forgery. They will be permanently ineligible to re-enter the United States.

If the Mexican government fails to assist in halting illegal immigration, all money transferred to Mexico will be taxed at 50%.

If the Catholic Church persists in aiding and abetting illegal immigration, they will lose their tax exempt status and be forced to assist the country in paying for services to illegal aliens.

Obama has shown that the government is willing to cap medical services on ordinary tax-paying, law-abiding citizens, perhaps social services should be capped for those who are non-citizens.

A clear and present danger to our society …

During our formative years, immigration was a necessity. Rules were tight and there was very little immigration. The key idea is that most immigrants wanted to be Americans; speak English and adopt the American lifestyle. They were here for life.

Fortunately, we have never been faced with an immediate influx of 12 – 20 million illegal aliens, many of which still support their third-world home and cling to ethics and beliefs which may be fundamentally incompatible with mainstream American beliefs.

Should real immigration reform fail and “we the people” are faced with a solution crafted by corrupt and self-serving politicians, there will be no going back. The die will have been cast for a group large enough to influence local, state and national elections in order to preserve their “entitlement” culture or, heaven forbid, their legal attempts to inculcate Marxism into the fabric of our national consciousness.

For those bleeding hearts who buy the picture of  innocent, hard-working individuals who broke our laws to make a better life for themselves and their families, this is an incomplete picture. The real picture is seen by pulling back from the individual and looking at the numbers – we are not faced with a few stray illegals, we are faced with a hoard of locusts which will devour everything in its path. Ruining America to the point where America is just another third-world country, governed by those who can be pressured into doing the bidding of their new masters – the people with the money and the power.

Bottom line …

President Obama, the Congressional democrats such as Senate Majority Leader Reid, House Speaker Pelosi and the complacent republicans such as Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Olympia Snow, Susan Collins, Scott Brown and others have now imperiled the United States with their economic and social nonsense. This is not a joke. They have literally sold our nation to the highest bidder for their own personal and political gain.

How else can you make sense of a government which fails to enforce their sworn duties to protect our nation from its enemies, both foreign and domestic? How else can you make sense of a Congress that will not truly investigate internal corruption and malfeasance – preferring to concentrate on petty crime and sexual peccadilloes? And how else can you make sense of a government which will not stem the tide of continuing corruption and influence from countries which have a vested interest in our failure?

There never was a “war on drugs,” it was all about criminalizing human behavior to vest power in politicians and to allow people of influence to pocket billions of dollars. All of that unaccountable money was transferred outside of the United States and which suddenly went missing.

We have one last chance to prevent a fatal collapse of our society as we know it. Starting in November we need to take back all of Congress to restore the checks and balances that were envisioned by our forefathers. And we need to bring those who attempted to subvert our nation to justice.

One need only take note of the fact that those who looted the financial system are now in charge of trying to repair the damage – all the while making more money than ever. This is not a game. It an existential matter of survival. And we need to set aside our political differences to start working on the solution. The illegal alien problem is just another nail in our national coffin. Let’s stand up to the self-serving and corrupt politicians and simply say NO! And if they don’t understand that, we can say NO MAS!

-- steve

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