Alienation or Alien Nation: Your Choice
All you have to know ...


I will assume that you are as busy with your day-t0-day activities as I am with mine; choosing to delegate the important tasks of our government to serious people, honest brokers, who are acting on our behalf when it comes to the tasks of doing those things which are not physically, mentally or financially achievable by an individual, or even a small group of individuals. I am not saying that we are outsourcing our personal initiative or self-defense, but that we are delegating certain protection, funding and watchdog duties to those who we believe will fairly and honestly represent us in the government’s closed door meetings.

We are somewhat confident that many of the government employees are fairly honest and above-board when it comes to performing their assigned tasks. Of course, I believe that there are too many of these employees, sometimes working at ill-defined and ill-implemented tasks – often at cross purposes to other local, state and federal agencies.

But what of their leadership – those corrupt or complacent politicians who seem to be acting in their own self-interests and those of their special interest friends? What of the so-called “public employee unions” who seem to be extorting more and more money from the public as they “protect” public workers from who -- “we the people?”

What happens when the fabric of our society is threatened with destruction by dishonest politicians pushing their self-serving personal, professional and political goals – goals which do not serve the people well?

Look around …

We have Congress and the Administration colluding with the special interests; the pharmaceutical industry, the insurance industry, the medical equipment suppliers and others, as well as using coercive tactics to force legislators to vote on legislation which cannot stand on its own without these arm-twisting tactics. We have legislation which is so long and complex that no politician claims to have read each of the draft bills or understands what is contained in the legislation – as they vote on the legislation.

We have members of the Administration and the Congress screaming about Arizona’s new immigration law – even though the law simply mimics federal legislation which is currently not enforced for political reasons. Again, pandering to the illegal alien lobby in the hopes of creating more voters (democrats), more union members (democrats) and more cheap labor (republicans).

In the forefront we have RINOs like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins and others eager to jump across the aisle in order to appear moderate to their own constituents. I would like to ask what is moderate about selling out your country’s sovereignty and engaging in socialist wealth-distribution to a class of people who have chosen to ignore the laws of our land? What is so noble about allowing these people to enter the United States, like a cloud of locusts, consuming the public resources which are barely adequate to support our current legal, law-abiding citizens?

And what’s up with the race-bating democrats who eagerly play the race or ethnicity card whenever they need voter support from minority communities. How can these legal citizens be minorities – they are all Americans? Only the politicians seem to segregate Americans for the purposes of building a disaffected coalition which seems to require the ministrations of a politician to achieve equality and justice.

Look around …

Our decaying, crime-ridden inner cities have few jobs and even fewer decent educational opportunities. Yes there will be exceptions, but they are far and few between.

  • Where are the billions of dollars which have been pumped into social support programs?
  • Where are the billions of dollars that have been pumped into educational programs?
  • Where are the billions of dollars which have been pumped into job creation stimulus bills?

All seemingly controlled by the democrat party and their one-party rule over the most distressed inner cities.

  • Dare we say the money has been siphoned off by corrupt politicians and their special interest friends?
  • Dare we say that ever-rising union costs and onerous work rules have make progress virtually impossible; all while creating a class of super-citizens who are seemingly immune from the economic downturn which affects us all?

May we ask why the democrat party is so hell-bent on legalizing illegal aliens when they directly impact the legal, law-abiding black citizens who are found in the inner cities; taking their jobs, housing and reducing the communities social services resources? And especially when the President is playing the race card and directly appealing to Blacks for support in the 2010/2012 election cycle.

Are Blacks, or for that matter any of us, so damn stupid as to ignore what is right before our eyes? A pattern of corruption and malevolence so staggering that it now threatens the very fabric of our nation? Do we want to become like Europe, socialized and crippled by union strikes. Where individual achievement is suppressed in favor of the collective.

Even now we find Census workers being told not to be so efficient because they are making the other Census workers look bad with their individual productivity gains. They are allegedly being told that they can work at their own pace, but once they achieve quota – knock off and go home; it’s Miller time! These people are working on our behalf. Don’t we deserve their very best efforts? Not according to their leadership.

When are we going to realize that our government has subverted the American Dream, slowly turning us all into slaves for the ruling elite and their “collective” dreams?

It is now time to take action, vote the bastards out. All of them – send a message to our ruling elite.


-- steve

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