When the candidates appear to be douchebags ...
[X] California 2010 Propositions -- Voting on "their" agenda ...

California is sinking fast ... and the political parties are pushing her under!

As a native Californian, I think I am going to be violently ill …

Each and every day I see the decay, decline, corruption and crime all around California. I see dysfunctional inner cities where the bloodshed between the Hispanics and the Blacks isn’t even reported any more. I see a democrat-led legislature pandering to the special interests and raking in the campaign contributions, favors and perks rather than engaging in good governance. I see the complacent Republicans acquiesce (make that surrender) to the democrat majority knowing that they too will share in the pie.

Our legislature is broken, run by a bunch of aging hippy liberal democrat/Marxist activists and those who appear to have an allegiance to foreign sovereign governments or alternative lifestyles. I see a governor who is so desperate to become the beloved heroes he plays on the screen, that he bends over backwards to aid and abet democrat causes. A man who actually has proven to be more craven and corrupt than the man he replaced in a recall election.

Both parties are fighting over the multi-billion dollar budget shortfall. The democrats to preserve the labor agreements with the unions – which is the proximate cause of all of the budgetary shortfall – and the republicans to make loud noises in the media as they fade into mushy acceptance of the democrat’s continued profligate spending.

Truth-be-told, there is little or no difference between the parties in California. Both use accounting tricks, borrowing and other fiscal shenanigans to kick the budgetary problem down the road – as they continue to raise taxes on an already beleaguered population and a business environment which is the worst in the nation. 

To illustrate the douchebaggery of both political parties, one need only look at the party statements in the latest voter handbook.


The democrats …

The Democratic Party is building a healthier future for our state and improving the quality of life for all of our residents.

Democrats have long fought to create a vibrant economy, improve education, ensure public safety and national security, expand access to health care, protect a woman’s right to choose, and help the struggling middle class.

California Democrats strongly supported President Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act which generated $21.5 billion in additional federal funding for California, creating nearly 71,000 new jobs and helping thousands of others remain employed.

We believe in rewarding hard work and expanding opportunity for all Californians in order to build stronger and healthier communities.

Democrats welcome decline to state voters to vote in our primary. We understand the need to work together so we can put California’s economy back on track through responsible economic stimulation and a focus on creating good jobs. 

In 2010, Democrats will work hard to elect a Democratic governor, re-elect Senator Barbara Boxer, and elect Democratic candidates to Congress and the legislature.

California Democratic Party Senator John Burton (Ret.), Chairman

The republicans …

Republicans are proud of the leadership provided to our state by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and we are boldly confident about California’s future and hold dearly all that is good about California’s people. 

This is an exciting time for our party, filled with unprecedented opportunity and unequaled enthusiasm. Republicans around the Golden State are rallying together to celebrate our common values of economic prosperity, cutting taxes and government waste, and a return to educational superiority. We look forward to working with you to restore America’s principles and renew America’s promise.

The Republican Party represents your best chance to ensure freedom and opportunity for every Californian and with your help, we can have confident, practical and accountable leadership in both Sacramento and Washington, D.C.

Electing Republican candidates will help ensure schools that are safe and accountable; hold the line on taxes; and keep growing California’s economy.

Join us in helping build a better California that provides opportunity for our families today, and for future generations.

The California Republican Party     Ron Nehring, Chairman

I call bullshit …

Can you believe what these people are saying? Someone needs to explain to me, if these two parties are so high-minded and fiscally responsible, why California is a total freaking disaster: highest taxes, growing unemployment, both residents and businesses leaving the state for more tax-friendly climates, and where most legislative decisions involve illegal aliens, gays and the unions – with little thought given to the average resident; except in terms of tax revenue?  Where the Governor and legislators employ foundations to milk the lobbyists and others having business before them – and use the proceeds to feather their own nests with travel, accommodations and food and drink worthy of a movie star. All while claiming it isn’t costing the “people” anything – while all know that those million dollar contracts and lax labor negotiations are costing us millions over and above what we would have paid had there been no political influence in the decisions.

Even one of the most conservative members of the legislature, a person who I admired and trusted, turned out to be a high-minded, well-spoken political douchebag. Unmasked only when I saw his uncharacteristic vote to allow Indian gaming interests to self-audit and do their own environmental impact studies. A man who accepted millions in “unofficial” campaign assistance from these very same gaming interests and who was back at the trough when he “termed out” and needed to change his venue. A person who claimed to represent our neighborhood, but lived hundreds of miles away – the district residence belonging to his parents. A fiscal conservative who took the per-diem pay allowed by a legislative trick of one legislator driving through the parking lot and checking in with the Sergeant of Arms; thus enabling all legislators to collect a day of pay when the legislature was in session.

I could go on … but it would be rather pointless as we all have seen this same behavior at local, state and federal levels. Which provides something to think about as November rapidly approaches and these assclowns beg us for our understanding, forgiveness for past actions and promise us the freaking world – if only we would donate to their campaigns and vote for them at the ballot box.

It is time to stop the lies and corruption. I am not asking you to vote for the complacent republicans to defeat the corrupt democrats, I am asking you to vote for ethical constitutional conservatives wherever they may be found.

Enough with surrendering to the system that is milking us like cash-cows. Enough with treating politicians like royalty. And enough with pandering to the special interests who are bleeding us dry to advance their own profitable and political agendas.

If we do not win this fight at the ballot box starting in November, we are likely to lose whatever it was that made California the golden state. Leading the nation in productivity and prosperity. Helping to feed the nation and turn out high technology solutions to solve the world’s problems.

Time to decide whether or not you are going to vote based on politics, personality or prudent, ethical government.

-- steve

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