Screw the teachers unions!

The media is becoming a clear and present danger to American society ...

It seems that we no longer have an impartial media and that some of the largest mainstream media outlets have thrown their tacit support to the government – apparently in return for access to newsmakers, potential favors concerning allocated frequency spectrum and broadcasting rights, government grants, employment within the government, government advertising dollars and, of course, their sympathy with left-wing politics.

How else would you explain members of the mainstream media vilifying the tea party movement? Comparing them to white racist militants hell-bent on causing mischief and violence. Claiming that they are comprised of mostly white individuals – when the truth is that the black community voted en mass for Obama and is more likely to support his actions rather than protest them. Look at the tea bag movement carefully. It seems comprised of mostly older Americans who are extremely upset with the direction our government is taking, not crazy loons.

In fact, the media hardly covered the oppositions dirty tricks of trying to infiltrate the movement to shout racist epithets or wave objectionable signs to attract enough media attention to discredit the movement. Something directly out of  communist Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

Why is the President, members of his Administration and members of Congress loudly shouting about the lack of civil discourse in America – pointing to the alleged (and not proven) rowdiness of the tea party movement?

Because this is what they do, this is what they understand and they hate it when their tactics are exposed … and even worse, used against them.

Want to see fair and balanced coverage, watch the mainstream media to see if the balance their stories with reminders like this …

And as for our President and his Administration …

Why is he embarking on an Orwellian language trip by banning references to Muslim Terrorists? Why are his people constantly referring to home-grown domestic terrorists?

Don’t they know or remember that one of Barack Obama’s closest friends and associates, Bill Ayers, was a domestic terrorist who bombed a police station and escaped punishment on a technicality. Check out Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn. Ask yourself, how could, Barack Obama, the President of the United States, openly embrace terrorists who tried to violently overthrow the United States? Or why Bill Clinton, who seems to be such an expert on domestic terrorism, pardoned foreign terrorists caught red-handed making bombs?

Bottom line …

Watch the clip – and then note the overwhelming hypocrisy of this Administration and their mainstream media toadies.

The level of corruption and anti-American behavior in the government and the mainstream media is staggering. Hopefully, we will be able to reverse these trends starting in November, 2o10.

-- steve

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