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Political candidates: before you ask for my support ...

Due to my blog, facebook page and twitter accounts, I am receiving a great number of requests, both for financial support and for mentions in my blog.

Some believe that my conservative stance means that I will represent some fringe candidate or someone who can only be described as quirky. Wrong!

While I am looking for someone who is conservative, I am also looking for someone who will be effective (knowing the right tasks to do) and efficient (performing these tasks with a minimum of time, energy and expense – mostly by doing it right the first time and avoiding “change orders”).

Therefore, I suggest you study the following … 

One candidate who seems like a perfectly respectable chap recently asked me to sign-0n to his campaign by visiting his website, donating money and helping him to get out the word.

Unfortunately, my replies says it all …

With all due respect, I see nothing in your background that qualifies you to run for the Senate other than your good intentions. While I believe you will honor your oath of office, I also believe you will be winging it when it comes to difficult matters such as science, technology, employment and finance. I am sorry that I cannot hop on board, but do wish you the best of luck. -- steve 

P.S. Good luck with your music career.

Even more prominent, but second and third-tier candidates are asking bloggers such as myself to contribute and support their campaigns. To them I say …

Yes, you have achieved a measure of name recognition and are able to raise a substantial amount of money. But, unfortunately, while you represent a portion of my own political agenda, your quirkiness and failure to disavow loathsome extremists that are promoting your campaign with time, effort and money – makes you unacceptable to me as a candidate who might represent my voice.

Therefore, I wish you the best of luck with your campaign. – steve

And to some of the top tier candidates …

Do you think I am out of  my ‘effin mind. You represent the same level of complacency and corruption  as those who you wish to replace. A different face on the same old asshole. I don’t care what you call yourself: liberal, moderate, conservative, Republican or Democrat – you have no ideas of your own and are nothing without your special interest sponsors.  I see you are well-known, well-financed and represent all that I hate in politics. I do not wish you luck and hope you fall on your ass. – steve

And a little something for the celebrities …

WTF: While you have uber-name recognition, I know you are nothing like your public persona or the person you portray in the movies. I have seen what a good-looking, articulate actor can do with a TelePrompTer and a great speech writer. All Hollywood smoke and mirrors making a narcissistic  ego-maniac look like a presentable political candidate.

So with all due thanks for the past entertainment you have provided, I do not need any more clowns in my life to amuse me while you send my beloved nation down the road to socialism or worse.

F_You very much – steve

Bottom line …

Folks, if I could only reach one person with the following message, I could claim success.

We are at an historic crossroads, where our constitution has been attacked and our politicians are either complacent or corrupt. They no longer listen to “we the people,” but to the special interests who support their campaign with funding, media support and voters. All people who expect a payback – not in good governance, but in access, favors, employment and contracts – an opportunity to personally and professionally benefit from their support.

Unless we elect honest, competent brokers to represent us, we are doomed to become a third-world nation; with the politics of France and the corruption and social problems of Mexico.

Research the candidates, step outside of media propaganda and paid advertisements. Check out the candidates for yourself. And then vote as if your life depended on it – because surely this time it does. With the passage of Obamacare, it has become an urgent  matter of life and death.

-- steve

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