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Never in the history of our nation, even considering both Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson and Bill Clinton, has a President so consistently lied to the American public on a regular basis. Only to be excused by the mainstream media as Obama’s “campaign mode.” As if politicians are free to lie to the American public while campaigning – only to be given a “pass” when then get elected. Unfortunately, the assumption that politicians will stop lying and campaigning when they get elected and settle down to do the people’s business is both false and misleading.

With President Obama, you cannot trust anything he says. Which is a very, very said state of affairs in our country. So the antidote to the Obama spin is to watch his actions; not what he says, but what he does.

  • Like his associations with Chicago thieves, like Tony Rezko.
  • Like his associations with openly racists and un-American characters like Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Minister Louis Farrakahn and Father Phleger.
  • Like condemning public outrage while cavorting with known domestic terrorists like William Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn.
  • Like appointing known socialists and communists to high and influential positions within the government; many without passing through the Senate Confirmation process.

So watch as the President spins “Wall Street Reform” as he openly plays host to the Goldman Sachs alumni club. Where his Administrations regulatory agencies go after Goldman Sachs while Obama hosts their Chairman at least four times at the White House while the Administration is “preparing” charges.  Charges which, in all likelihood, will result in some sort of fine with Goldman neither admitting nor denying the allegations. A small cost to plunder the nation for billions of dollars.

So why am I not surprised when I get the following message to lend my support to the Congressional weasels who do not read nor understand the purposely long and complex legislative bills they are voting for? 

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OneCitizen --

Last week, Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell got all 41 GOP senators to promise to oppose Wall Street reform. He thought President Obama would back down in the face of a unified show of force.

He was wrong.

Instead, the President stood in front of Wall Street bankers Thursday, going to bat for consumers and confronting the toughest of crowds with a strong message: Reform is good for Americans, good for the market, and it's time to get on board.

Bipartisan discussions have begun again -- but Wall Street lobbyists are still swarming Capitol Hill, trying to trip up negotiations and maintain the gridlock that has defined Washington for far too long.

So now, it's up to us. We need to show Senate Republicans that the American people are watching closely to see whose side they end up on.

Tell Sen. McConnell: Stop standing in the way of desperately needed change to win favor with your Wall Street allies.

Tell Republican senators to stand up to Wall Street. Send a letter.

The President laid out a bold plan to hold Wall Street accountable, to protect American taxpayers by ensuring they'll never again be asked to bail out a big firm "too big to fail," and to put in place the strongest consumer financial protections ever proposed.

But this fight isn't just about fixing Wall Street. It's also about fixing Washington.

For too long, it's been a place where special interests have set the rules and petty partisanship has stood in the way of progress. As the President said Thursday, "We can and must put this kind of cynical politics aside."

Thanks to strong leadership from the President and Democrats in Congress, the gridlock is starting to crack, and Republicans are slowly giving signs that they'll come on board. The Senate has even scheduled a preliminary vote for Monday at 5:15 p.m.

But Wall Street lobbyists are flooding in to firm up opposition -- trying to carve out loopholes and exemptions for big banks and lenders who have long exploited consumers.

The only sure-fire way to make sure that the special interests don't get their way is to show Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans that Americans are standing firmly with the President. Tell them to join us to fight for American families who are counting on reform, not the big Wall Street banks. Send a letter today:


Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America

The truth is far different …

1. It’s Washington politics, as usual, but this time with a virulent “Chicago-style” corrupt twist.

2.  The President and the Congressional democrats have taken a record amount of money from the largest financial and legal firms in the nation. Far in excess of what the Republicans were given under the Bush Administration.

3.  The President’s “ban on lobbyists” was nothing but a campaign promise – and lobbyists are pervasive in top government positions. How many people remember saying that people who work in the Obama Administration couldn’t return to lobby government for at least a year? Only to see White House Legal Counsel Larry Craig join Goldman Sachs to help with their pending “legal woes.”

4.  The President is lying when he claims that there will be no more “bailouts.” The current financial reform bill provides an unlimited “resolution authority” that can be used for any financial firm or any corporation deemed significant to the financial sector. Like General Motors, Chrysler, AIG or any other Administration-favored firm.

5.  The financial reform legislation creates additional bureaucracy and further dilutes the government’s watchdog and regulatory activities.

And worst of all, this overly complex legislation was written behind closed doors, with little or no bipartisan input … by democrat staff and financial industry lobbyists.

Truth-be-told …

This is another attempt to control our economy by those who believe in socialist wealth redistribution. Even the President himself openly admits that he is about “redistributive change.” 

Imagine the control over your life when the Obama Administration gets is legislative dream? Life-or-death control over individuals via healthcare; control over the finances of our nation through financial reform, and control over our economy through the control of energy production and consumption. With these tools in place, the socialists can go about the business of weakening the United States and making third-world nations stronger – all to achieve so-called “social justice” in the world.

Bottom line …

We need to stop these corrupt radical socialists before they damage the United States beyond repair. We need honest brokers to serve “we the people.” We need to reject Chicago-style anti-American thuggery overlaid with socialist “black theology.” And we need to restore Constitutional checks and balances to our government by voting out these toxic cretins who pretend they doing the peoples business while lining their own pockets and those of their special interest friends from the public purse.

Enough is enough – we need to vote out democrats and replace them with conservatives. As a party, we need to avoid Judas goats like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins and others who hop the aisle to pander to the far-left social activists that have now taken over the democrat party.

VOTE in November as if your life depended upon it – because with Obamacare and all of the other crippling legislation – it really does.

-- steve

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