California term limits initiative is a sham vote for more corrupt politicians

Another look at Al Gore and the global warming movement ...

By no means a successful politician or a man of the people, Al Gore has managed to emerge as the public point man and icon of the global weather activists who have found a way to subvert governments, raise significant funding and achieve respectability to promote their self-serving financial and political causes.

And when one considers this movement to have been infiltrated by the far-left radical socialists, communists, anarchists and others whose fundamental political philosophy is dependent on a ruling elite, a strong government central planning effort, wealth redistribution and a submissive populace, the original cause becomes more than somewhat suspect.

To this end, I believe that Eric Hoffer, the eminent philosopher has it right …

Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket."
— Eric Hoffer (The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements)

What we know …

The science is far from settled and there is more of a self-interest alliance, rather than a scientific consensus, that is promoting global warming …

Fact: Global warming and/or global climate change is nothing more than a scientific hypothesis – it is not a fact and its basic premise of a continually rising global mean temperature that will significantly affect our ecosystem remains unproven.

Fact: Because of geological and climate timescales, global warming may never become statistically measurable above the noise of normal climate variability until thousands of years have passed.

Fact: The historical and proxy data that is being used to drive global climate models is highly suspect and may have been manipulated to support an erroneous conclusion. There is absolute proof of weather measurement apparatus being improperly located and the data being artificially created or manipulated.

Fact: The current global climate models are flawed, hampered by erroneous assumptions and using arbitrary parameters (such as a doubling of the atmospheric CO2 levels) to produce their so-called results. I would like to remind people that computer programs, left to their own devices, can produce pretty pictures of leafs and shells – but fail to impute meaning or significant to what remains little more than pretty designs based on random date.

Fact: Most scientists working for prestigious institutions are subtlety, and sometimes not so subtlety, coerced into supporting programs which are bringing hundreds of millions of government-sponsored and directed funding into these institutions. And at the very least, scientists who may disagree with the institution’s core self-interests are encouraged to remain quite or lose their position, funding or ability to proceed with their own work.

Fact: The peer-review process in climate-related science has apparently been compromised by the actions of a few powerful scientists and their followers. The so-called guarantee that “peer-review,” in actuality a pre-publication process that does not verify the author’s data or hypothesis, means that an author is credible or correct is wrong. The process is misunderstood by the public and is not a blue-ribbon seal of approval.

Fact: The basic reason that global warming is being promoted is because individuals, governments, corporations and institutions find it a convenient mechanism for obtaining the public’s money and instituting public policies which enhance their personal, professional and political power.

Fact: Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant and the rise in atmospheric CO2 levels lags the rise in temperature – not a causal event. In fact, the rise in CO2 can be related to the rise in ocean temperatures much as an open beer emits carbon dioxide as it warms.

Fact: There are many beneficial side effects from an increased carbon dioxide level and a warmer global mean temperature.

Fact: Man has always adapted to changing natural phenomena and will continue to do so in the future. People change their habits or move to more beneficial areas.

Fact: The thought that any government legislation can change global weather is about as ludicrous as passing a law against volcanoes.

I am here to say “the emperor has no clothes” and the matter of climate change, well-deserving of further scientific study, is being turned into a scam to screw-over the public.

Consider the bible of the left, the New York Times as they note …

“At 40, Earth Day Is Now Big Business”

“So strong was the anti-business sentiment for the first Earth Day in 1970 that organizers took no money from corporations and held teach-ins “to challenge corporate and government leaders.”

“Forty years later, the day has turned into a premier marketing platform for selling a variety of goods and services, like office products, Greek yogurt and eco-dentistry.”

The movement has turned into a marketing ploy … much like that of labeling produce as “organic” to produce higher profit margins – knowing full well that their is no government specification of what it means to be “organic.”

The goal should be pollution control …

I know of no one, myself included, who believes that we should be subjected to polluted ground, water and air.

So why shouldn’t our government attempt to control pollution instead of providing big corporate interests the right to continue their polluting ways by buying “pollution credits” which allows them to pollute while passing the costs along to their customers, and by extension, the general public?

Bottom line …

So why should we allow our politicians to raise our taxes, curtail our personal freedoms and re-distribute our collective wealth to other nations under the rubric of socialism?

So why should we allow scammers such as Al Gore and his special interest partners to loot the public’s treasury for their own gain – while demanding their bought-and-paid-for government officials provide them with ever more power and money?

We need honest brokers: in science, in government and in our corporations. Capitalism and profits are not dirty words as they have driven 200 years of progress into a nation unlike the world has ever seen. To throw this away on some socialist or communist dream of a social utopia is both wrong and foolish.

Let’s vote these corrupt bastards out of our government. Scorn those scientists who fudge the facts for their own self-interest. And boycott those polluting corporations which are putting our lives at risk.

Climate change is real and variable. And there is absolutely no proof that government interference is beneficial – just as government interference in the economy and other world affairs often makes the situation worse and the people more miserable.

Vote the corrupt bastards out of office, be they democrat or republican.

-- steve

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