Alienation or Alien Nation: Your Choice

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The government, by their action – or should I say lack of action – has fomented another crisis for the purpose of pandering to a political constituency.

The democrats are hoping that the Hispanics become democrats in gratitude, become union members and support their socialist brand of entitlement politics.

The republicans are hoping that the Hispanics become republicans in gratitude, become low-paid wage slaves and support their socialist brand of entitlement politics.

The Administration is not enforcing existing law as they subvert our Constitution – thus alienating a large number of American citizens.

Arizona, recognizing that the Obama Administration is not upholding the Constitution and is not enforcing the laws of the land, has taken matters into their own hands: crafting a law which mirrors the constitutional United States law.

They did this to protect their citizens from murder, kidnapping, rape, torture, drugs and to insure that scarce social services which provide front-line protection and medical services to their legal residents is not spent on illegal aliens which have no right to be in this country in the first place.

You can argue about the ethics, morals, cultural sensitivities. You can romanticize the hard-working illegal alien, claiming that they are performing work that no American would perform.

The truth is that the government, and particularly the Obama Administration, is overlooking the simplest solution to the problem.

One, give every illegal alien 180 days to apply for the alien registration card that they are, by law, required to have. Along with this registration comes a “safety" net,” a temporary work permit to work in the United States.

Two, deport any illegal alien who does not possess a valid work permit. No exceptions. That includes families with American-born children.

Three, declare the interpretation of the 14th Amendment null and void – children will assume the nationality of their parents at birth; unless one parent is a legal American citizen.

Fourth, within one year, any holder of a valid work permit can apply for a permanent work permit. These permits will include criminal background and employment checks. Work permits will be renewable every five years, when another background check will be run.

Fifth, any person convicted of a crime or serious felony will have their immigration status reviewed -- and if they are found to be a danger to the community, will be subject to deportation.

Sixth, any employer who knowingly employs illegal aliens or gives registered aliens preference over legal American citizens shall be punished.

Seventh, repeal or replace any conflicting legislation which does not support this current immigration system.

That solves the current crisis and sets the stage for more comprehensive immigration reform. Note that I did not need to introduce 1000+ pages of dense, complex legalese to explain my idea or setup a legal precedent. Clear, easy to understand and no wiggle-room.

Of course, the immigration lawyers and immigration activists will take a big hit in both income and political influence. Too ‘effin bad as we do not run the United States for their personal benefit.

You decide …

Do we want to express our alienation with our government or do we want to live in an alien nation?

-- steve

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