Obamacare: the face of democrat corruption ... (Updated)
After the healthcare vote: Frank Bell is sick!


The democrats have issued a declaration of war against the American people with legislation designed to insinuate the government into each and every healthcare issue. All enforced by the Internal Revenue Service and governed by a board which will determine which healthcare will reimbursed by insurance companies.

Adverse consequences …

The Constitution has been breached – now that the government can demand that American citizens purchase goods and services from private third-parties, enforced by government agencies such as the Internal Revenue Services, there does not appear any limit on government’s power over American citizens.

The bond between patient and physician will be broken forever as the physician becomes an agent of the government. Will the relationship between a client and their lawyer will also be breached in the near future?

Your retirement is now endangered. The generational contract which has been funded by years of individual payroll deductions to guarantee a retirement safety net is now at risk.

Social Security and Medicare are at more risk for failure. It is an undeniable fact that more funds will be required to sustain government programs. Social Security and Medicare are said to be fast-approaching insolvency. And this new healthcare initiative will hasten the process. Continuous tax increases – now that the nation has accepted the idea of government-regulated healthcare, it must be funded with tax continual increases. 

America’s sovereignty will be ignored. Immigration reform – it is now in the best interests of the nation to extend healthcare to illegal aliens to prevent the spread of disease in the general population.

Second Amendment will be gutted  by additional rules and regulations – it is not in the best interests of the nation to curtail the purchase and use of firearms to prevent unnecessary medical costs relating to weapons-related deaths.

Because of the timeline and all of the political manipulation will take place over the coming months and years, the look and feel of this healthcare bill will be different as time passes. There is no guarantee that congressional corruption will not continue to prevail, turning the American citizen into the funding source for a new privileged political class and their special interest friends.

We have no choice but to fight against those politicians who have placed America at risk.

According to President Obama: This is what change looks like … 

The House delivered Sunday night on President Obama's top priority, a historic restructuring of the nation's health care system that has eluded his predecessors for more than a century. 

The 219-212 House vote, coming after a tumultuous day of protests and rancorous debate, paves the way for Obama to sign the major portion of his 10-year, $940 billion plan early this week.

We still have not seen the real bill as it has yet to go through the reconciliation process. But we do know who has voted against the American people.

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-- steve

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